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Ann Cunningham discusses tactile art at Denver Art Museum with Melissa Fishburn
Blog: Meet the Artist

DAM Collaborator Talks About Her Practice in Creating Tactile Art (Videos)

Imagine viewing a painting without actually seeing it.

Imagine landscapes, portraits, and scenes that you can see through touch and feel.

For some museum patrons, this is the reality. And with help from sculptor and Colorado Center for the Blind art teacher Ann Cunningham, the Denver Art Museum has made huge strides in making art accessible to patrons who are blind and visually impaired.

Cunningham began as a sculptor with a special interest in low-relief. This is when a sculpture is carved out of a slab and emanates from the slab. More

Experience Passport Through Touch, Spanish & Other Special Materials
Blog: Behind the Scenes

Experience Passport Through Touch, Spanish & Other Special Materials

One of the main pillars of the museum’s commitment to providing access to the museum experience for all visitors is having special exhibition content available in multiple alternate formats. In Passport to Paris, all three shows in the suite have large print booklets with color thumbnail images and braille booklets available. These alternate format materials contain all object labels, extended labels, and exhibition content. More

Making Art Hands-On
Blog: Making & Doing

Making Art Hands-On

Last month we hosted our first round of Tactile Tables in the Cover Story textile gallery. It was such a delight to finally watch visitors touch and interact with these objects, after months of planning. The development tactile programming is unique; here is a peek into the process. More