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The Sisters by Berthe Morisot
Blog: Behind the Scenes

Plan Your Visit to Her Paris

Through January 14, 2018

Here are some tips, FAQs, and guidelines to help you prepare for your visit to the Denver Art Museum exhibition Her Paris: Women Artists in the Age of Impressionism. More

Detail from painting called Bouquet of Flowers in A Vase of a red and white tulip and a sunflower
Blog: Behind the Scenes

6 Tips for Savoring a Painting

Slow Down & Look Closely

Here are a few ideas for extending a quick glance into a lingering look using Maria van Oosterwyck’s Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase as an example. More

Portrait of a woman by Lui Ferreyra
Blog: Behind the Scenes

Paint Studio Demo Artist Lui Ferreyra

Lui Ferreyra’s paintings use geometric fragments and fractals of color, which blend together to become complete images of figures and landscapes. See his demo on March 26 & 27. More

Getting it Right
Lesson Plan

Getting it Right

Secondary (grades 6-12)
One 55 minute lesson

Students will learn about the x-rays taken of Zenale’s painting Madonna and Child with Saints, and how they show several changes he made during the creative process.

Homare Ikeda, Pipe.
Blog: Meet the Artist

Paint Studio Artist Profiles

This series introduces some of the artists who will be conducting demonstrations at the museum through May 1. More

Jay Michael Jaramillo
Blog: Meet the Artist

Paint Studio Demo Artist Jay Michael Jaramillo

My typical day as an artist starts with a few cups of coffee to give me the jolt I need; then I go to my studio. This is where I play my music loud and rapidly apply the base paints to the canvas I'm working on. More