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2 photos of Margaret Siegrist, 1 at work at the DAM and one as a singer
Blog: Spotlight on Staff

Meet Margaret Siegrist: DAM Sales Associate & Opera Singer

In addition to working at the Denver Art Museum, many of our staff members are engaged with the local creative community in a variety of ways. In a series of articles, we'd like to introduce you to some of the creatives and artists on our staff. More

Museum curator Nancy Blomberg consulting on an exhibition installation.
Blog: Art Museum Careers

Museum Career—Curator

Hear how curator Nancy Blomberg collaborates with departments across the museum to build remarkable collections and curate stunning exhibitions. More

Museum security
Blog: Art Museum Careers

Museum Career—Security

Security officers at the Denver Art Museum discuss their varied backgrounds, what a typical day on the job is like, and why they love working at the museum. More

Museum photographer Christina Jackson taking photographs of artwork in the Asian art gallery.
Blog: Art Museum Careers

Museum Career—Photographer

Christina Jackson talks about her career as photographer at the Denver Art Museum, capturing museum events, artworks, and much more. More

Museum educator Heather Nielsen reading a storybook to young visitors.
Blog: Art Museum Careers

Museum Career—Educator

Educator Heather Nielsen discusses her career at the DAM and the importance of creating memorable experiences for visitors. More