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    • Rockwell painting The Right to Know on the wall outside the exhibition
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      Join the Norman Rockwell Conversation 


      Norman Rockwell: Imagining Freedom features illustrations that have been cemented into American culture for many years. The exhibition is historic, focusing on events that helped shape America from the Great Depression through the Civil Rights era and the role that popular illustration had in people’s response to those events. Even today, these illustrations remind us of where American values are rooted. Yet, it is obvious that these images are only telling one side of the story.


    • digital illustration with Pops Peterson's face surrounded by people in the first Women's March
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      How Artist Pops Peterson Reinvents Norman Rockwell's Artwork

      Pops Peterson is one of the contemporary artists whose work expands upon some of the themes explored in Norman Rockwell: Imagining Freedom. In this wide-ranging Q&A with us, he discusses his creative process, his connections to Rockwell, and much more. Read on and then see Rockwell's work and Peterson's Freedom From What? (I Can't Breathe) in the exhibition through September 7.


    • entrance to the Norman Rockwell exhibition with a large reproduction of a painting with a cluster of people of different races, genders, ages looking at the viewer
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      Norman Rockwell Exhibition Resources

      Ready for a deeper dive into Norman Rockwell: Imagining Freedom? The following resources give more insight and expand on the ideas covered in the show:

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