Artists Gregg Deal, Walt Pourier, and Melanie Yazzie collaborating on Action X Community X Togetherness Native Arts Artist-in-Residence at Denver Art Museum.

Native Arts Artist-in-Residence

Stay tuned for future Native Arts Artists-in-Residence programs.

Read more below about the most recent residency that took place during Summer 2017.

Action X Community X Togetherness

Gregg Deal, Walt Pourier, Melanie Yazzie

May 6–September 10, 2017

Former Native Arts Artists-in-Residence Melanie Yazzie, Gregg Deal, and Walt Pourier returned to the museum for a one-of-a-kind collaborative project called Action X Community X Togetherness.

For the artists, the alumni residency offered a unique opportunity for cocreating. Though the work with their own unique mediums and styles, the trio was quick to find a central theme for this residency: art as a call to action and a catalyst for change.

Their exploration of this theme drove a variety of joint projects including talks, tours, and workshops at Untitled Final Fridays in Summer 2017, demonstrations at Free First Saturdays in May and June, 2017, and hands-on artmaking at the Friendship Powwow and American Indian Cultural Celebration (September 9, 2017). Melanie Yazzie also held open studio hours on June 10, 13 and 17, 2017.

Image (top, L to R): Gregg Deal, Walt Pourier, Melanie Yazzie

About the Program

About the Native Arts Artist-in-Residence Program

This program showcases and celebrates the work of contemporary native artists, highlighting the ongoing creativity and artistic diversity of the American Indian community with an aim towards engaging museum visitors through each artist’s creative processes. The program kicked off in 2012 with sculptor, painter, and printmaker Melanie Yazzie, and has gone on to host many established and up-and-coming artists working across media.

Previous Residencies

Previous Native Arts Artists-in-Residence

  • Melanie Yazzie: 6/2/12-7/29/12
  • Walt Pourier: 12/1/12-3/10/13
  • Will Wilson: 3/23/13-3/31/13
  • Marie Watt: 5/19/13-10/27/13
  • Linda Aguilar: 11/19/13-2/2/14
  • Rose Simpson: 2/25/14-4/27/14
  • Jeffrey Gibson: 7/19/14-10/26/14
  • Kevin Pourier: 1/20/15-3/15/15
  • Postcommodity: 3/20/15-5/25/15
  • Tom Haukaas: 6/6/15-9/27/15
  • Gregg Deal: 10/24/15-1/31/16
  • Jan Jacobs: 2/13/16-5/15/16
  • Wendy Red Star: November-March 2017

Powwow Regalia Studio, Summer 2016

  • Mary Young Bear, Men’s Woodland Style Dance: 6/9–6/19/2016
  • Alistair Bane, Men’s Straight Dance: 7/7–7/17/2016
  • Verla Howell, Men’s Fancy Feather Dance: 7/21–7/31 and 8/4–8/7/2016
  • Alistair Bane, Men’s Straight Dance: 8/11–8/14/2016
  • Andy Cozad, Gourd Dance: 9/1–9/4 and 9/15–9/18/2016

Native Arts Artist-in-Residence Jan Jacobs