Images of 3 Linking Asia exhibition gallery games for kids and families at the Denver Art Museum

Gallery Games

Gallery games are a fun way for kids and families to look closely at artworks and for families to enjoy exhibitions together. As with all hands-on family activities at the Denver Art Museum, gallery games are available in both English and Spanish.

Look for gallery games in these exhibitions:

Traveling Merchant Gallery Game for the exhibition Linking Asia at the Denver Art Museum

Linking Asia: Art, Trade, and Devotion

Hamilton Building, Level 1

Choose from three different “adventures” as you travel across Asia. Imagine you are a maker looking for inspiration, a traveling merchant, or a Buddhist monk on a pilgrimage.

Each game has a unique path to follow and five different riddles to solve. Play a different game each time you visit!

Read the Story of How Ganesha Broke His Tusk, an illustrated book cover of the storybook created by the Denver Art Museum

Ganesha: The Playful Protector

Hamilton Building, Level 2

An illustrated storybook tells how the Hindu-deity Ganesha broke his tusk. Spot the details in the artwork as you read along!

Stampede Gallery Game

Stampede: Animals in Art

Hamilton Building, Level 3

This scavenger hunt-like game will help kids and families slow down and look closely at the art throughout the exhibition as you try to check off all the items on your list. In this game all the animals have gone missing from the zoo and need to get home! We are looking for enthusiastic zookeepers to help us spot them in the museum galleries.

Keep an eye out for animals that belong in each enclosure, including one that is “brightly colored” and another that “makes the loudest noise.” Can you find an animal “you’ve never seen before”?