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About the Program

Through this series, local creatives from a variety of disciplines push the notions of what a museum can be—for visitors, for the creative community and for the institution itself. Things will get wildly creative and maybe a little messy too!

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Courtesy of the artist.

Creative-in-Residence 2019

Juntae TeeJay Hwang

Instagram @juntaeteejay

Juntae TeeJay Hwang is an artist, educator, and activist predominantly working within the mediums of performance, film, and sculptural installations in addition to paintings and ceramics. By questioning what productivity truly stands for, TeeJay aims to challenge the individual narrative of progressive ideals in current Western democracies. TeeJay believes that people are being seduced into working toward an illusionary freedom that demands homogenous transparency (with people expected to be open about their lives, sharing everything on social media) along with endless and laborious self-improvement, resulting in burnt-out anxieties, which turn us all into workaholic zombies that resemble each other.

TeeJay aims to create a performance environment at the Denver Art Museum where visitors can learn how to communicate and understand art with one another on a profound level. The practice of observing one another within these performances, along with the revelations that occur through interactive group experiences, will hopefully allow participants to become more aware of how technology and hyper-communication have created insane levels of isolation and a lack of attention to otherness, or things that are unfamiliar.


Artist Sarah Rockett
Event: Artists & Studios

Creative-in-Residence: Sarah Rockett

Monday, July 9, 2018Thursday, September 27, 2018.

Sarah Rockett is a socially engaged, interdisciplinary artist and educator living in Denver. Her work focuses on social commentary by investigating value and equality in American society.

As the museum’s Creative-in-Residence, Rockett will be using art as a method for engaging social interaction, creating meaningful human connection, and prompting dialogue around the urban housing crisis in Denver.

Through exploring ideas of “home” and “place,” museum visitors are invited to join Rockett in the making process and participate in dialogue about the subject. More


Please visit us in January 2020 for the next Creative-in-Residence call for applications


The Denver Art Museum (DAM) is committed to expanding the ways we deliver dynamic and engaging programming for visitors. Our programming has grown to include working with artists and creatives who play a critical role in re-imagining the museum experience, inspiring visitors to explore their own creativity and, in the process, inviting museum visitors into conversations that ignite new connections between art objects and the world around us. We are committed to developing ongoing connections with Denver’s creative community to further develop engaging experiences for visitors and creatives alike.


This residency invites the DAM and our Creative-in-Residence to work together and, most importantly, to work with DAM visitors. The intention of this residency is to expand and extend the practices of emerging working creatives through the opportunity of working within an active museum environment. The residency is six months in total. The beginning of the residency is devoted to exploring the museum environment, collections and temporary exhibitions, and developing ideas for public engagement. The subsequent months of the residency will focus on activities within our gallery spaces and direct engagement with our visitors. The Creative-in-Residence will have the opportunity to propel professional growth by collaborating with Learning and Engagement staff through a variety of museum programs

Given our current renovations, for the 2019 residency, there is no dedicated physical space for the residency. The Creative-in-Residence is mobile, utilizing gallery and museum spaces to implement their project. All residency activity should be integrated into the gallery spaces within the Hamilton building and our outdoor space.

Our ideal Creative-in-Residence is:

  • Eager to explore their practice with and alongside DAM visitors
  • Able to use their practice to create opportunities for conversation and collaboration
  • Can utilize the flexible mobile nature of the residency to support their practice
  • Interested in connecting their practice to the DAM’s collections and temporary exhibitions
  • A natural collaborator with the ability to creatively problem-solve practical and logistical challenges
  • Has a desire to collaborate with museum staff in the planning and evolution of their project
  • A confident communicator


  • Attendance at all meetings during the planning phase
  • Available to engage with the public during museum hours for at least 6 hours per week during the public engagement phase
  • Engage public during at least two First Free Saturday's (min: 4 hours)
  • Participate in one professional growth opportunity with Learning and Engagement Staff

The DAM will provide the resident with the following:

  • A payment of $7,500 (to be allocated in 3 payments)
  • A $2,000 materials stipend to cover all material and collaborative expenses related to the residency
  • A mobile cart and storage for materials
  • Support from Facilities department for set up needs
  • A yearlong membership to the DAM
  • Access to the professional expertise of a range of DAM staff members
  • Opportunities to participate in a variety of public programs at the DAM


We are looking for creatives from any discipline who:

  • Have a demonstrable interest in interactive, participatory, and/or socially engaged practice
  • Currently live and work in the Denver metro area and can commute to the museum during the entire residency period
  • Pass a background check


Submissions should include the following:

  1. A brief written statement that addresses the following three questions:
    • What is your creative practice and how could it grow and expand with this residency, specifically in the museum environment? (500 word limit)
    • How does engagement and participation inform your work? (350 word limit)
    • How do you see your practice connecting with the DAM’s collections and temporary exhibitions? (350 word limit)
    • How will your practice utilize the mobile nature of this residency? (350 word limit)
  2. An up-to-date résumé or CV
  3. A maximum of 10 images of your work (links or embedded jpegs no larger than 2 MB each, or video links)
  4. Names and contact details of two professional references

Please submit the above information in a single PDF document.

Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of DAM staff, a former Creative-in-Residence, and an external Denver-based arts professional.

If short-listed, you will be invited for an interview with members of our panel. In this interview, you will be asked to provide a short presentation of your practice and engagement style including a sample of your practice as it could appear in the museum environment.

Final selection will depend on the following criteria:

• The strength of your written statement

• Your interest in participatory practice and in actively engaging DAM visitors in your work

• Your interest in working with DAM staff and with the collection material on view

• The quality of your previous work

• Your interview

• Your professional references


Email with your application and/or with specific questions about this opportunity.