Lectures & Programs

Lectures & Talks

Move Closer

Looking at Art

Have you ever wondered why you like some works of art, while others don’t grab you in quite the same way? Are you curious about what exactly it is you are looking at or for?

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Behind-the-Scenes Conversations

This new series of dynamic conversations with museum staff and partners will offer a glimpse into unexpected adventures, creative problem solving, and other insights into what it takes to make things tick at the museum.

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Conversation with a Curator

Conversation with a Curator features a lively discussion with a different Denver Art Museum curator on the first Friday of the month.

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Special Lectures & Talks

The Denver Art Museum and its Support Groups frequently host special lectures by leaders in their fields.

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Logan Lecture Series

ARTISTS ON ART:  From Any Angle

This spring, DAM Contemporaries celebrates artists speaking about their work with fresh perspectives.

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Anderman Photography Lecture Series

The Anderman Photography Lecture Series presents talks by the preeminent creators and thinkers in photography today.

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Artmaking & Writing

Artmaking Classes

Jump start your creativity, reignite your passion for a lost hobby, or pick up new skills with expert instructors by your side.

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Drop-In Drawing

Take inspiration from the galleries with the help of a DAM art instructor and tackle a new drawing topic every month.

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Drop-In Writing

Try your hand at a new writing topic every month while visiting various museum galleries with a DAM instructor.

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Courses & Symposia


Spring Course 2018

Delve into the world of Edgar Degas in this four-part course that will explore the influences, evolution and independence of the iconic artist.

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Scholarly symposia are presented annually on the topics of pre-Columbian or Spanish Colonial art; western American art; and biannually on American Indian art.

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Mindfulness & Meditation

Meditation in the Museum

Join in on this "happiness hour" of relaxation, reflection, and quiet calm in the museum galleries, led by our partners from the Kadampa Meditation Center.

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Mindful Looking

Mindful Looking invites you to slow down and spend time with a work of art. Discover overlooked details, explore ideas, and make connections as we linger, look, and discuss.

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