Incense Burner Lid with Female Figure

AD 450-650


Object Info

Object: lid; incense burner
Currently on view
Object ID: 2002.93


Painted ceramic


Gift of Dr. M. Larry and Nancy B. Ottis

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height: 17 3/8 in, 44.1325 cm; width: 9 3/4 in, 24.765 cm; depth: 11 in, 27.9400 cm


New World


New World-Pre-Columbian

Known Provenance

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Extended Info

Unknown Artist
Incense Burner Lid with Female Figure
About A.D. 450–650
Guatemala, Escuintla
Painted ceramic

The Escuintla region on the Pacific slopes of Guatemala has yielded numerous artifacts in a hybrid Maya-Teotihuacan style.  It is thought that the Teotihuacan people of central Mexico maintained a presence in the tropical Escuintla area, perhaps to obtain goods such as cacao and feathers.  This incense burner lid is both exceptionally beautiful, and iconographically unusual.  A seated female figure wears a bird costume, and holds a fish in each hand.

Exhibition History

  • “Stampede: Animals in Art” — Denver Art Museum, 9/10/2017