Distance Learning

We can bring the museum and our staff to your K–12 classroom!

Taught by experienced educators, our distance learning classes will challenge your students to think critically, solve problems, and generate new ideas. Your students can engage with museum educators in enriching discussions tackling art-related problems that will apply to various real life experiences. Connect through a simple, free download of Zoom web-based virtual platform, a webcam, and projector.

Technology Requirements

Distance learning classes allow students to interact with museum educators from the comfort of the classroom.

There are two options for connecting with the Denver Art Museum:

  • Connect with the Denver Art Museum through Zoom web-based virtual platform. This requires a computer with a reliable internet connection, webcam, microphone, speakers and the ability to project computer screen in classroom.
  • Connect to Zoom through your school’s H.323 telepresence system. We recommend scheduling a test call with the museum at least two weeks prior to your scheduled class.


$100/distance learning for Colorado schools, $130/distance learning for schools outside of Colorado; Scholarships are available.


Contact Hayley Nicholas at hnicholas@denverartmuseum.org for more information and to schedule a class.

Available Classes

Collaborate to Create: Grades K–5

Collaborate to Create: Grades K–5

Teamwork is not only valued in the classroom but also in the arts. Discover why artists must listen to others’ ideas, opinions, and solutions in order to meet a common goal, creation of amazing works of art. Students will try working individually to solve a unique problem and then work collaboratively with classmates to learn how working together can be the key to success!

Artist Melanie Yazzie

Overcome Creative Blocks: Grades 3–8

How do artists come up with ideas? Listen to artists share where they look for inspiration and how they collect ideas to ensure they don’t succumb to a creative block. Students will explore various methods artists use to collect ideas and then will practice these methods. Success will be measured by a significant decrease in excuses of “I don’t know what to write/draw!”

Students exploring the Contemporary art gallery at the Denver Art Museum

Project-Based Museum Learning: Grades 9–12

Part 1: Discover what it takes to work at the Denver Art Museum. Museum staff will challenge students to explore a real-world museum problem. During the class staff will guide students through the design thinking process to prepare students for the challenge. Students will work after the class to solve the proposed challenge at a pace dictated by their teacher. Challenges will encourage students to use essential 21st Century Skills – collaboration, critical thinking, invention, and self-direction.

Part 2 (optional): Schedule a follow-up session with the museum. Students will share their solutions and ideas with museum staff and receive constructive feedback.