General Visitor FAQs

Can I sketch in the museum?

Pack your pencils and get inspired in the galleries. Small notebooks (11 x 14 inches or smaller) and pencils are welcome, but please leave colored pencils and pens at home.

Can I take pictures inside the museum?

Snap those pics! Photography is welcomed in all of the permanent galleries, but the flash must be off at all times. You will find a sign at the gallery door or on the object label if photography is not allowed. If you're not sure, ask a security officer.

Can I carry bags in the museum?

Please use our free lockers on level one or the lower level to stow your bags, lunches, and packages.

Family Visitor FAQs

Thinking of making a trip with the family to the museum but need more details? We have the answers to commonly questions that will make your visit a breeze. Also, explore the Kids & Families page.

  • Restrooms and water fountains: every level
  • Family restrooms: lower level and levels one, two, and three
  • Strollers: level one—free checkout at welcome center
  • Snacks are allowed in the cafe, the cafe terrace, the plaza terrace, and in the lobbies on each level.

Things to Try in the Galleries

Ask questions:

  • What is the first thing you see in the painting?
  • Does this artwork remind you of any place you have been?

Don't be bashful—explore through movement and sound:

  • Pose like the people, shapes, or lines you see.
  • Make up a story.
  • Imagine what you would hear, smell, or feel if you were in the art.


  • Let your children choose what interests them.
  • Take time exploring. You don’t have to see the entire museum in one visit!
  • It’s OK of you don’t know much about art—have fun figuring it out and imaging it together!

School & Teacher FAQs

Have questions about how to book a field trip? Not sure about where to park? Check out the Plan Your Field Trip page on the DAM's Creativity Resource for Teachers.

If you have additional questions, contact the DAM by e-mailing mstanley@denverartmuseum.org. Also, visit Creativity Resource to learn about all the teacher workshops, field trips, online resources, and more that we offer.

Artwork FAQs

I found a painting in my grandmother’s house. Is it real? What’s it worth?

The museum does not perform authentications or valuations. You can find a certified appraiser at www.appraisers.org. An auction resource like Christie’s or Sotheby’s—or even an online auction site like www.ebay.com or www.artprice.com—can help you learn more about the value of your object.

Where can I learn more about a specific artist or type of art?

You can research artists and art in many different ways. Start your search online at a site like www.artcyclopedia.com or www.askart.com. The Denver Art Museum Library is available by appointment for art researchers. You should also search your local library—librarians are great at getting hard-to-find information, so be sure to ask! The Denver Public Library’s librarians offer online assistance at www.denverlibrary.org/ask. For information about public art in Denver, visit http://artsandvenuesdenver.com/public-art.

I'm a college student conducting research. How can I get information about an artwork in the galleries?

We’re glad that you are interested and will do our best to provide the information you seek in a timely manner. Please follow our guidelines for college students.

I'm an artist. Would the DAM consider me for a solo exhibition?

Solo exhibitions are extremely rare. Artists may send exhibition announcements of their work. We’ll happily review these announcements and, in some cases, may attend the show. Artists may send digital images or links to online portfolios to a curator through info@denverartmuseum.org.

How do I donate an artwork to the museum?

We appreciate your consideration and are happy to review the object with a curator to determine if the artwork fits our collection policies. Please send a photograph and a letter about the object to Denver Art Museum, 100 W. 14th Ave. Pkwy., Denver, CO 80204.

Does the museum buy art?

We do occasionally consider art for purchase and ask that you send us a photograph with a letter telling us about the object (include information on how you acquired the piece) and the terms of your sale. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words! Please do not bring it to the museum unless you already have an appointment.

May I talk to a curator?

Curators are often traveling or heavily scheduled, so an appointment is absolutely necessary. When making an appointment, it is important that you state the reason for your call. In most cases, questions can be answered with a little research on your part or by the department’s support staff.

Can I request an image from the DAM to use in a scholarly publication, school project, or other use that is not covered under standard editorial use?

Yes; for details on the process please visit this page and submit the Image Rights Request Form, which can be accessed here.

(For editorial use in reviews, etc., please contact the Press Office at pressoffice@denverartmuseum.org.)

I have an artwork that needs to be cleaned. Who should I call?

The museum cannot endorse specific conservators. Excellent information on selecting a conservator is available on the American Institute for Conservation website at http://www.conservation-us.org.

I need to move a large painting or sculpture. How do I do it?

There are a limited number of companies that specialize in fine art handling and shipping both locally and nationwide. For crating or shipping in Denver and the region, contact www.terrydowd.com or www.shipart.com. For crating or shipping outside the region, you can try www.usart.com, www.artexfas.com, or www.atelier4.com. The museum does not endorse any specific art handling and shipping companies.

I need to have a work of art framed. Can you recommend someone?

Matting and framing is done by many companies in our area. Some practice the most current conservation methods available. It’s up to you to request the level of care you want. The American Institute for Conservation can tell you what kinds of questions to ask; visit http://www.conservation-us.org/treasures.

Donation FAQs

Will the Denver Art Museum donate to my fundraising event?

The Denver Art Museum receives numerous requests for donations for fundraisers, silent auctions, and benefits throughout the year. While we are happy to donate to nonprofit groups, we must require that all groups requesting donations:

  • Send a self-addressed and stamped (SASE) business-size envelope large enough to hold our 4-1/2” x 9-1/2” brochure. One Forever letter postage stamp should be enough postage.
  • Mail a letter of request (include the date you wish to receive the passes by at the beginning of the letter) and the SASE to: Denver Art Museum, Attn: Communications/Donations, 100 W. 14th Avenue Pkwy, Denver, CO 80204

Generally, your request will be fulfilled one month prior to your event. Donations will be sent by mail (not available for in-person pickup).

We only donate once a year per nonprofit organization, for fundraising events only. Our policy is to donate to nonprofit organizations for silent auctions but not for raffles, gifts, goodie bags, drawings or other prizes.