Sleight of Hand

April 9, 2011–November 25, 2012
Now Closed: April 9, 2011–Nov 25, 2012
North Building - Level 6

Meet 14 contemporary artists whose works surprise the eye while challenging and intriguing our powers of perception. Masters of alchemy who employ materials ranging from anticipated to astonishing, these artists push time-honored textile techniques—embroidery, quilting, weaving, netting, crochet, coiling, and ikat—to unexpected extremes and invent new methods to achieve their creative vision.

The sculptures, paintings, and imagery in Sleight of Hand span more than thirty years of creativity. The exhibition features DAM favorites by Magdalena Abakanowicz, Olga de Amaral, Arlette Gosiewski, Tracy Krumm, Jane Mathews, Rebecca Medel, and Norma Minkowitz; recent acquisitions by Cindy Hickok, Gugger Petter, and Carol Shinn; and works by Polly Barton, Lia Cook, Carol Eckert, and Kay Khan.

On view through November 25, 2012.