Past Exhibitions

  • Figure to Field

    Figure to Field

    Mark Rothko in the 1940s
    June 23, 2013–September 29, 2013

    “An enormously satisfying exhibition of early Mark Rothko works … gives viewers an opportunity to hone their powers of observation. Following the artist through a decade of activity, we get to see that his apparently radical shift from suggestively figurative to purely abstract art may not be so extreme after all.” – Tom L. Freudenheim, The Wall Street Journal (about the exhibition when it was at the Columbus Museum of Art in Ohio) More

  • Red, White & Bold: Masterworks of Navajo Design, 1840-1870

    Red, White & Bold: Masterworks of Navajo Design, 1840-1870

    May 19, 2013–September 22, 2013

    While Navajo artists have been creating eye catching textiles since the late 1600s, the middle of the 1800s saw an explosion of color & design elaboration. This exhibition will present about 50 of the greatest examples of Navajo design expression.

    Red, White and Bold: Masterworks of Navajo Design, 1840-1870 is part of the campus-wide exhibition Spun: Adventures in Textiles. More

  • Western Duds: How Clothing Helped Create an Archetype

    Western Duds: How Clothing Helped Create an Archetype

    May 19, 2013–September 22, 2013

    Western Duds explores the importance of textiles in the colorful history of the American West. The exhibition highlights four paintings paired with the uniquely western textiles they portray and celebrates western clothing and accessories as sources of artistic inspiration.

    Western Duds is part of the campus-wide exhibition Spun: Adventures in Textiles. More

  • Spun: Adventures in Textiles

    Spun: Adventures in Textiles

    May 19, 2013–September 22, 2013

    The Denver Art Museum takes a wide-ranging look at textiles from pre-Columbian weavings to modern fiber art, Navajo blankets to an examination of clothing in art and photography in the campus-wide exhibition Spun: Adventures in Textiles. More

  • Nick Cave: Sojourn

    Nick Cave: Sojourn

    June 9, 2013–September 22, 2013

    “Artist Nick Cave’s gorgeous creations are a must-see at the DAM....” – Michael Paglia, Westword

    Sojourn will delight audiences of all ages with its sophisticated blend of color and whimsy." – Westword

    Nick Cave: Sojourn is a multisensory experience unlike any other.... Cave’s imagination is a whimsical, talented land that begs you to immerse yourself.”– Daliah Singer, 5280 More

  • A Moment in Time: Here

    A Moment in Time: Here

    February 10, 2013–September 22, 2013

    Denver-based painter Rick Dula, who photographed the Hamilton Building throughout its construction, created hyper-realist painting A Moment in Time: Here in 2009. It appears to peel back the interior walls of the building to expose its steel girders and underpinnings, and reveals the angular skeleton of the structure, which opened in 2006.

    Popular with museum members and volunteers, the artwork originally was on view in 2009 and 2010 in the exhibition Embrace!

    See Dula and his team create the artwork on-site in the 10-minute timelapse video below. More

  • Rocky Mountain Majesty

    Rocky Mountain Majesty

    The Paintings of Charles Partridge Adams
    December 16, 2012–September 8, 2013

    Charles Partridge Adams was a Colorado landscape painter active during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Rocky Mountain Majesty: The Paintings of Charles Partridge Adams marks the first time that Adams’ paintings will be displayed together at a major art museum; and the Denver Art Museum will be the sole venue for this important exhibition that highlights his greatest paintings of Colorado. More

  • Texture & Tradition

    Texture & Tradition

    Japanese Woven Bamboo
    July 30, 2011–July 28, 2013

    Focusing on Japanese woven bamboo, over 70 beautiful pieces will be displayed in this installation, including baskets, screens, trays, containers, accessories, hand warmers, and a chair. Among the works on view are pieces by basket makers who have been designated Living National Treasures. Texture and Tradition: Japanese Woven Bamboo highlights works from the Lutz Bamboo Collection and gifts from Paul M. Hoff III and Hazel W. Hoff in memory of Paul M. Hoff Jr. More

  • Brian Knep: Exempla

    Brian Knep: Exempla

    June 2, 2012–May 19, 2013

    Time-based media artist Brian Knep has created an immersive and interactive installation in the Precourt Family Discovery Hall. Knep uses scientific tools and software to create interactive installations that respond to human behavior and activity. His works raise questions about the nature of human interaction and our place in the world. More

  • Georgia O'Keeffe in New Mexico

    Georgia O'Keeffe in New Mexico

    Architecture, Katsinam, and the Land
    February 10, 2013–April 28, 2013

    The exhibition brings to light a relatively unknown aspect of Georgia O’Keeffe’s art and thinking—her deep respect for the diverse and distinctive cultures of northern New Mexico. Georgia O'Keeffe in New Mexico: Architecture, Katsinam, and the Land features 53 O’Keeffe works including 15 rarely seen pictures of different Hopi katsina tihu, along with examples of these types of figures. More

  • Chamber


    February 17, 2013–April 7, 2013

    Charles Sandison’s video installation Chamber uses computer-generated projections of light in dazzling fashion. In an otherwise dark room, multi-colored projections form words and symbols as abstract imagery dance across the raw surfaces of the walls. The Scottish artist’s paradoxical work employs 21st-century technology to evoke primal feelings of wonder and awe.

    Chamber originally was on view in 2009 and 2010 in the exhibition Embrace! More

  • More Scapes

    More Scapes

    December 2, 2012–March 31, 2013

    More Scapes—an extended selection of Scapes (landscapes, seascapes, skyscapes)—further explores the varied visions of American landscapes. Artists expand the snapshot to create emotional as well as figurative impressions. More

  • Laura Letinsky

    Laura Letinsky

    Still Life Photographs, 1997–2012
    October 28, 2012–March 24, 2013

    Laura Letinsky’s still life photographs have evolved from studies in melancholy and absence to subtle, yet surprising, explorations of perception, color and space. Wavering between flatness and volume, story and metaphor, these photographs contain mysteries that challenge viewers to keep looking and asking questions about how we see. This survey exhibition traces the paths Letinsky followed in her work from the late 1990s until today. More

  • Potters of Precision

    Potters of Precision

    The Coors Porcelain Company
    June 11, 2011–March 24, 2013

    The Coors Porcelain Company, now known as CoorsTek, creates specialized scientific forms—crucibles, beakers, evaporating dishes—that have remained virtually unchanged since their earliest iteration. Beauty and function exist simultaneously in vessels that serve scientists’ precisely stated needs.

    On view through March 24, 2013. More

  • Olivetti: Innovation & Identity

    Olivetti: Innovation & Identity

    November 1, 2010–March 24, 2013

    Olivetti: Innovation and Identity showcases the Italian company's groundbreaking approach to product design and promotion. After World War II, Olivetti's quality office machines and distinctive advertising graphics helped establish Italy’s reputation as the cradle of modern design. The company's graphic designers, architects, artists, writers, and advertising experts took an active part in the design of not only the company’s products and advertisements, but also the visual appearance of its showrooms and corporate architecture. More

  • What Is Modern?

    What Is Modern?

    November 1, 2010–March 24, 2013

    What Is Modern? features imaginative furniture, industrial, and graphic designs that span more than 200 years, from the early 1800s to the present day. The objects—representing a trajectory of innovative thinking and a variety of methods, materials, and concepts—explore the ways in which design has expressed the modern experience. More

  • Mud to Masterpiece: Mexican Colonial Ceramics

    Mud to Masterpiece: Mexican Colonial Ceramics

    June 11, 2011–February 17, 2013

    Columbus’s encounter with the Americas and Magellan’s circumnavigation of the world marked the beginning of the modern era of global trade. Mexico sat at the crossroads where Asian objects traversed the Pacific, European goods came over the Atlantic, and Mexican products were exported in return. Objects from all these areas came together in colonial Mexico, inspiring local artists to alter and mingle details in new ways. Nowhere is this new dynamic more evident than in art made from clay. More

  • Laleh Mehran: Men of God, Men of Nature

    Laleh Mehran: Men of God, Men of Nature

    May 20, 2012–February 17, 2013

    Men of God, Men of Nature is a site-specific work designed by Laleh Mehran especially for the Fuse Box. The daughter of Iranian scientists, Mehran has lived most of her life in the U.S. and has been a professor at the University of Denver since 2007. Her complex relationship with political, scientific, and theological concepts drives her work that often has an interactive component. Her works are intended to be meditative and seductive, inviting viewers to consider their own relationship to the issues she presents. More

  • Becoming Van Gogh

    Becoming Van Gogh

    October 21, 2012–January 20, 2013

    An in-depth exploration of Vincent van Gogh’s unconventional path to becoming one of the world’s most recognizable artists, Becoming Van Gogh examines critical steps in his artistic evolution through more than 70 paintings and drawings by Van Gogh, along with works by artists to whom he responded such as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Camille Pissarro. Becoming Van Gogh brings together loans from more than 60 public and private collections throughout Europe and North America to tell the story of a number of key formative periods throughout the artist’s career. More

  • Dana Schutz: If the Face Had Wheels

    Dana Schutz: If the Face Had Wheels

    November 11, 2012–January 13, 2013

    Dana Schutz combines fantasy and reality, humor and horror, to create figurative paintings that abound with expressionist energy. Her distinctive visual style is characterized by vibrant color and raw and tactile brushwork. Schutz’s subjects spring from an absurdist sensibility as she invents imaginary stories or hypothetical situations that are bizarre and impossible, yet oddly compelling. This first 10-year survey features 31 paintings and 9 drawings created since 2001 and will include work from each of her inventive series. More

  • El Anatsui

    El Anatsui

    When I Last Wrote to You about Africa
    September 9, 2012–January 6, 2013

    The first retrospective of El Anatsui’s work, this exhibition includes important sculptures in wood, ceramic, and mixed media as well as major pieces from his bottle-top series. The 61 works cover all phases of the artist’s career, from his early work in Ghana utilizing traditional symbols to found driftwood works made in Denmark to sculptures made using the chainsaw as a carving tool. This is the first opportunity for audiences to see how the artist’s ideas have developed over four decades. More

  • Theodore Waddell’s Abstract Angus

    Theodore Waddell’s Abstract Angus

    May 20, 2012–December 2, 2012

    Theodore Waddell arrived in New York in the early 1960s, only a short decade after abstract expressionists like Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell, and Clyfford Still dominated the art world. Gleaning elements from this art movement, Waddell returned home to his native Montana and created works of nearly abstract backgrounds that suggest the landscape. By painting figures that symbolized cattle in snow-filled backgrounds, the painter walks the line of abstraction and realism. More