Past Exhibitions

  • Arrangements of Flower-themed Artworks


    June 1, 2015–October 11, 2015

    Arrangements of flower-themed artwork will be on view throughout the Denver Art Museum this summer as part of the campus-wide celebration of flowers and in conjunction with In Bloom: Painting Flowers in the Age of Impressionism.

    These installations highlight the DAM's vast and varied collections by spotlighting groupings of artworks from all over the world and across time that embrace the flower as subject matter.

    North Building More

  • Barbara Bosworth: Quiet Wonder

    Barbara Bosworth: Quiet Wonder

    March 13, 2015–September 20, 2015

    Barbara Bosworth’s photography explores nature and memory through calm reflection upon places that hold deep personal and social meaning. Using a large format 8x10 camera, Bosworth makes exquisite prints that immerse the viewer in the scene and imbue details—fleeting effects of light and subtle traces of human or natural activity—with arresting presence. More

  • Sovereign: Independent Voices

    Sovereign: Independent Voices

    September 15, 2013–August 16, 2015

    Sovereign: Independent Voices highlights the work of three leading American Indian contemporary artists, Kent Monkman, Rose Simpson, and Virgil Ortiz, who have received international acclaim. These artists challenge people to think more broadly about the place of native artists in the contemporary art world through a fusion of historic techniques with contemporary styles and ideas. The included works reflect meditations on the self and native histories in a variety of media, including painting, sculptural ceramics, and multimedia works. More

  • Collectibles: Works on Paper

    Collectibles: Works on Paper

    March 8, 2015–August 16, 2015

    Collectibles, a showcase of works on paper from the Denver Art Museum's collection, demonstrates that drawings are, indeed, collectible. That is, that they are worth acquiring and looking at—from up close and far away, in various arrangements, again and again. More

  • Rupprecht Matthies: ¿Being Home?

    Rupprecht Matthies: ¿Being Home?

    November 10, 2013–August 2, 2015

    Rupprecht Matthies’ ¿Being Home? is a community-inspired, interactive artwork that grows with each installation. In 2009 and 2011, Matthies collaborated with immigrants at Denver-area community organizations, including the African Community Center, the Emily Griffith Opportunity School, and Centro San Juan Diego, to gather words evocative of notions of home. The resulting words—transformed into mobiles, pillows, and wall pieces—are in 13 languages including English, Spanish, Arabic, and Kareni. More

  • Joan Miró: Instinct & Imagination

    Joan Miró: Instinct & Imagination

    March 22, 2015–June 28, 2015

    Joan Miró: Instinct & Imagination focuses on artworks the Spanish artist created during the last two decades of his career (1963-1981). Joan Miró's (pronounced Jwan mr-OH) imagination and creativity extended well into his old age. Later in life, he continued the inventive forms for which he is known and began exploring new materials, including bronze. This exhibition features bronze sculptures–including Woman and Bird (Femme et oiseau)–which have rarely been seen outside of Europe. More

  • Starring Linda: A Trio of John DeAndrea Sculptures

    Starring Linda: A Trio of John DeAndrea Sculptures

    April 19, 2015–June 21, 2015

    A visitor favorite since her first appearance in 1984, Linda, is returning to the DAM after a long hiatus. Last on display at the DAM in 2009, Linda has since been kept in darkened, climate-controlled storage to ensure her preservation.

    This exhibition also features two other sculptures by John DeAndrea, Clothed Artist and Model, and Nude with Black Drape. The latter is a newly completed work. More

  • William Matthews: Trespassing

    William Matthews: Trespassing

    November 23, 2014–May 17, 2015

    William Matthews: Trespassing presents selected works from his early career to his most recent paintings. Matthews began working as a graphic designer, but dedicated himself to watercolor painting in 1990. The 27 artworks on view exemplify his expertise and sophisticated understanding of watercolor technique. His main focus has been subjects found in the American West: working cowboys, ranches, rural architecture, and the landscape. More

  • First Glance/Second Look: Quilts from the Denver Art Museum Collection

    First Glance/Second Look: Quilts from the Denver Art Museum Collection

    June 1, 2014–April 19, 2015

    A completely new exhibition in the textile art galleries features more than 20 quilts arranged in nine thematic groupings. Each section invites viewers to look closely at the different themes and variations. Visitors can discover common roots for motifs and patterns and creative differences in materials and techniques. More than half of the objects are recent acquisitions on view for the first time, while others, including The Matterhorn quilt (pictured below), are well-known treasures of the collection. More

  • V3H1CL3: Jason Rogenes

    V3H1CL3: Jason Rogenes

    May 25, 2014–April 12, 2015

    This summer, Jason Rogenes will transform the Precourt Discovery Hall into an immersive sculptural environment where families can play with custom cast “asteroids” to create otherworldly soundscapes. Part of a rich summer program focusing on sculpture, the installation—made out of cardboard and reclaimed Styrofoam—will encourage visitors to reconsider familiar and typically discarded materials for their artmaking possibilities. More

  • Brilliant


    Cartier in the 20th Century
    November 16, 2014–March 17, 2015

    The world-exclusive exhibition Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century featured stunning jewelry, timepieces, and precious objects created between 1900 and 1975. The exhibition highlighted Cartier’s rise to preeminence—and the historical events pushing the Maison’s, or design house's, evolution—as it transformed itself into one of the world’s most prestigious names in jewelry and luxurious accessories. More

  • Drawings: Carroll Dunham

    Drawings: Carroll Dunham

    July 27, 2014–February 15, 2015

    Carroll Dunham’s world of animated line is populated by organic shapes and cartoon-like creatures. Dunham’s drawings demonstrate the artist’s dexterity in thin lines, delicate shadings, aggressive smudges, and smeary black washes. This show is about the essence of drawing. At the same time, it celebrates Dunham’s ability to manipulate simple materials and lines in ways that have engaged viewers for more than three decades.


  • Matisse and Friends

    Matisse and Friends

    Selected Masterworks from the National Gallery of Art
    October 12, 2014–February 8, 2015

    Matisse and Friends: Selected Masterworks from the National Gallery of Art showcases 14 paintings from the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., by artists Henri Matisse, André Derain, Albert Marquet, Maurice de Vlaminck, Raoul Dufy, Georges Braque, and Kees van Dongen. More

  • Photography & Vision: The Influence of Joyce and Ted Strauss

    Photography & Vision: The Influence of Joyce and Ted Strauss

    June 8, 2014–February 4, 2015

    Joyce and Ted Strauss transformed the museum’s photography collection through their involvement as patrons, collectors, curators, and passionate advocates for the medium. As collectors, Joyce and Ted cast a wide net that encompassed early masterworks as well as experimental photographs by emerging artists. Even as they focused on contemporary art, they continued to acquire important twentieth century photographs with a strong historic or conceptual relationship to more recent work. More

  • Drawn to Action: Posters from the AIGA Design Archives

    Drawn to Action: Posters from the AIGA Design Archives

    December 15, 2013–January 18, 2015

    The environment, literacy, peace, and equality are just a few of the subjects that designers tackle in Drawn to Action: Posters from the AIGA Design Archives. With a touch of humor or with straightforward solemnity, the 33 posters in this exhibition demonstrate the inventive techniques designers use to provoke action. More

  • Material World

    Material World

    May 19, 2013–January 4, 2015

    From recycled plastics and bound clothing to woven silks and charred tree limbs, Material World illustrates the wide range of materials and techniques used by contemporary artists. More

  • Oliver Herring: Recent Acquisitions

    Oliver Herring: Recent Acquisitions

    June 1, 2014–January 4, 2015

    German-born artist Oliver Herring began making videos after a spinal disk in his neck slipped out of place more than 10 years ago. The injury made it painful for him to knit intricate sculptures, such as Castle and Doublerocker, both were on display in Material World. But he could use a camera. Herring has continued making videos since then, focusing increasingly on the people who participate in them. He has invited friends and strangers to improvise scenarios he contrives. More

  • Fashion Fusion: Native Textiles in Spanish Colonial Art

    Fashion Fusion: Native Textiles in Spanish Colonial Art

    May 19, 2013–November 16, 2014

    Drawing from the Denver Art Museum’s extensive Spanish colonial art collection, Fashion Fusion looks at the influence textile motif’s have had on other artistic mediums. More

  • Daniel Sprick’s Fictions: Recent Works

    Daniel Sprick’s Fictions: Recent Works

    June 22, 2014–November 2, 2014

    “Upon first glance, viewers might think Daniel’s works are photographs because of their stunningly realistic elements. However, the longer we look at one of his paintings, the more we become aware that they are anything but a part of our world. We encounter Sprick’s paintings not so much as statements, but more as experiences, whereby we engage deeply with his creativity.”

    - Timothy J. Standring, exhibition curator and Gates Foundation Curator at the DAM More

  • Herbert Bayer: Berlin Graphics 1928–1938

    Herbert Bayer: Berlin Graphics 1928–1938

    November 10, 2013–October 19, 2014

    Herbert Bayer spent an artistically fruitful decade in Berlin following his tenure at the Bauhaus. His graphic designs of the time are characterized by inventive integration of typography, photomontage, and graphics. Born of Bayer’s multidisciplinary method, these designs appear fresh, even today. More

  • At the Mirror: Reflections of Japan in 20th Century Prints

    At the Mirror: Reflections of Japan in 20th Century Prints

    July 6, 2014–September 21, 2014

    These prints reveal the changing styles and art movements developed by Japanese printmakers during a 100-year period. The variety of styles reflects the changing appearance of Japan as it embraced modern technology but continued to respect its cultural past. Though woodblock printing has been around for centuries, in the twentieth century, artists played with new subjects and topics that were relevant to a contemporary audience. More

  • Beyond Pop Art: A Tom Wesselmann Retrospective

    Beyond Pop Art: A Tom Wesselmann Retrospective

    July 13, 2014–September 14, 2014

    “[One of] 15 international summer art exhibitions you should definitely see.” The Huffington Post

    "This show promises to be one of the greatest art events of the summer." Michael Paglia, art ltd. magazine

    Beyond Pop Art: A Tom Wesselmann Retrospective features the work of painter Tom Wesselmann, who is widely regarded as one of the leading figures of American pop art. More

  • Summer is...

    Summer is...

    June 17, 2014–September 7, 2014

    Summer is… brings the allure of a Colorado summer staple—campfires—to downtown Denver. Made from beetle-kill pine, recycled camping rope, and other recycled materials, these urban campfires offer the perfect place for rest and relaxation. Visitor-submitted story tags create a canopy of leaves, making Martin Plaza a great spot to enjoy the season.

    Story tags and pens are provided on the plaza. More