Past Exhibitions

  • George Caleb Bingham, The Jolly Flatboatmen, 1846. Oil on canvas;

    Rhythm & Roots

    Dance in American Art
    July 10, 2016–October 2, 2016

    This exhibition will present how artists, dancers, and choreographers helped form the artistic identity of dance in America. It will feature about 90 paintings, photographs, sculptures, and costumes relating to American dance from 1830 to 1960. More

  • Elaine de Kooning, Bullfight, 1959

    Women of Abstract Expressionism

    June 12, 2016–September 25, 2016

    This groundbreaking exhibition celebrates the often unknown female artists of this mid-twentieth-century art movement. More than 50 major paintings are on view by artists Mary Abbott, Jay DeFeo, Perle Fine, Helen Frankenthaler, Sonia Gechtoff, Judith Godwin, Grace Hartigan, Elaine de Kooning, Lee Krasner, Joan Mitchell, Deborah Remington, and Ethel Schwabacher. More

  • All That Glistens

    All That Glistens

    A Century of Japanese Lacquer
    November 18, 2012–September 7, 2016

    The 30 artworks in this exhibition reveal the versatility of lacquer as a medium used by Japanese artists to create containers, trays, plaques, braziers, and screens of enduring beauty. More

  • Dan Namingha, Hopi Eagle Dancer, 1995. Acrylic paint on canvas.

    Why We Dance

    American Indian Art in Motion
    May 29, 2016–August 14, 2016

    This multisensory exhibition presents the motives behind Native American dance and highlights the museum’s annual Friendship Powwow and American Indian Cultural Celebration. It features about 86 works, including 78 drawn from the DAM’s American Indian art collection. More

  • Robert Therrien, No title (cloud with halo), 2000. Ink and graphite on paper.

    Robert Therrien

    The Power of the Image
    February 21, 2016–August 7, 2016

    Robert Therrien takes familiar or mundane symbols and disconnects them from their expected contexts. These images become abstract forms floating in space, forcing viewers to re-orient their preconceived notions of symbols and their meanings. More

  • Creative Crossroads

    Creative Crossroads

    The Art of Tapestry
    May 31, 2015–August 7, 2016

    See more than 20 tapestry-woven wall hangings, rugs, furniture covers, and garments from Europe, Turkey, China, Peru, Mexico, and the American Southwest. More

  • Samurai: Armor from The Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Collection


    Armor from the Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Collection
    March 6, 2016–June 5, 2016

    This exhibition tells the iconic story of Japanese samurai through 140 objects from one of the finest and most comprehensive collections of samurai armor and accoutrements in the world. More

  • Danny Singer, Saco, MT

    Standing Still

    Photographs by Danny Singer
    December 13, 2015–May 22, 2016

    This exhibition offers eleven views of small towns on the North American prairie. Singer photographed the kinds of places most travelers overlook in their rush to get from one city to the next. The result is a series of what Singer calls “paper movies” that evoke the feeling of driving slowly down Main Street, taking things in a little at a time. More

  • Kenneth Josephson, Polapans, 1973. Gelatin silver print.

    Kenneth Josephson

    Encounters with the Universe
    October 11, 2015–May 8, 2016

    An early and influential conceptual photographer, Kenneth Josephson makes photographs of found and constructed visual puzzles that demonstrate his alert and often humorous way of encountering the world at large. More

  • Lorna Simpson, Easy to Remember (still image of film), 2001. 16 mm film, transferred to DVD with sound, 2 minutes, 35 seconds.

    Lorna Simpson

    Easy to Remember
    January 17, 2016–April 24, 2016

    Lorna Simpson transforms a catchy tune into a commentary on race through acts of erasure. Fifteen black singers, shown only as disembodied mouths, separately hum the song “It’s Easy to Remember (And So Hard to Forget),” originally sung by Bing Crosby. More

  • Revolt 1680/2180: Virgil Ortiz

    Revolt 1680/2180

    Virgil Ortiz
    May 17, 2015–April 24, 2016

    Virgil Ortiz, a renowned artist from Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico, uses contemporary art to blend historic events with futuristic elements. Set against Ortiz’s graphic murals, this exhibition features 31 clay figures and invites visitors to immerse themselves in a storyline that Ortiz created that begins with the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. More

  • E. Martin Hennings, A Friendly Encounter

    A Place in the Sun

    The Southwest Paintings of Walter Ufer & E. Martin Hennings
    December 13, 2015–April 24, 2016

    Explore the journey of two lifelong friends and fellow artists who were instrumental in defining American art in the twentieth century. A Place in the Sun presents bold, large-scale paintings by Walter Ufer and E. Martin Hennings, who found their niche in the Southwestern village of Taos, New Mexico. More

  • Allied Works Architecture, National Music Centre concept model, 2009.

    Case Work

    Studies in Form, Space & Construction by Brad Cloepfil / Allied Works Architecture
    January 24, 2016–April 17, 2016

    Case Work: Studies in Form, Space & Construction by Brad Cloepfil/Allied Works Architecture is the first comprehensive exhibition to explore artworks created during the firm's investigative process, which is at the heart of its practice. More

  • Aqua-Terra / Terra-Aqua

    Aqua-Terra / Terra-Aqua

    May 17, 2015–April 10, 2016

    New York-based artist Francisco Alvarado-Juárez, in collaboration with local community groups, has transformed the Precourt Discovery Hall into a whimsical environment with paintings, video projections, and ambient sounds from nature. Visitors can create images to contribute to the piece. More

  • Showing Off

    Showing Off

    Recent Modern & Contemporary Acquisitions
    May 17, 2015–April 3, 2016

    Gifts, promised gifts, and works that the museum purchased over the last seven years are the focus of this rotation in the modern and contemporary galleries. Showing Off highlights, among others, works by Nick Cave, James Drake, Leonardo Drew, Eric Fischl, Al Held, Ben Jackel, Sol LeWitt, Glenn Ligon, Christian Marclay, Agnes Martin, John McEnroe, Amy Metier, Julian Opie, Nam June Paik, Shinique Smith, Stacey Steers, Mark Wallinger. More

  • Fracture


    Cubism & After
    January 26, 2014–March 20, 2016

    Cubist paintings were based on things in the visible world. Yet they often showed objects fractured, or broken, as if seen from more than one point of view at once. This rotation includes 14 paintings, ranging from Nature Morte (1914) by Pablo Picasso, to Roy Lichtenstein’s The Violin (1976). More

  • Jamie Wyeth, Kleberg


    Andrew and Jamie in the Studio
    November 8, 2015–February 7, 2016

    The Denver Art Museum presents a groundbreaking exhibition exploring the art of Andrew Wyeth and his son Jamie. Wyeth: Andrew and Jamie in the Studio is organized by the Denver Art Museum and will feature more than 100 works created in a variety of media, including pen and ink, graphite, charcoal, watercolor, dry brush, tempera, oil, and mixed media. More

  • Super Indian

    Super Indian

    Fritz Scholder, 1967–1980
    October 4, 2015–January 17, 2016

    A groundbreaking exhibition of more than 40 rarely seen, monumental paintings and lithographs by the renowned twentieth-century artist. Though he was influenced by abstract expressionists including Willem de Kooning and Franz Kline, as well as painters Francis Bacon, Francisco de Goya, and Paul Gauguin, Fritz Scholder’s work was purely his own. His art reveals the raw reality of being an American Indian. More

  • Mark Wallinger

    Mark Wallinger

    February 15, 2015–January 3, 2016

    Angel is a video that explores the theme of religion and features Wallinger playing Blind Faith, his sightless alter ego. The artist is seen repeatedly reciting—backwards—the first five verses of St. John's Gospel from the King James version of the Bible. The spectator is asked to consider religious belief in a realm beyond the visible. More

  • Gunther Gerzso

    Gunther Gerzso

    A Mexican Master
    June 25, 2015–January 3, 2016

    In partnership with Museo de las Americas, we celebrate the Mexican modernist master Gunther Gerzso (1915−2000). The exhibition highlights some of the artist's extraordinary paintings from 1960−1981. More

  • Alec Soth

    Alec Soth

    Colorado Dispatch
    June 7, 2015–November 29, 2015

    Photographer Alec Soth studies the habits and rituals of ordinary Americans, finding moments of self-absorption and vulnerability that are specific to the people he photographs, yet somehow common to human experience. Taking cues from the Depression-era documentary projects of the 1930s, Soth set out to create a state-by-state record of American life in the early twenty-first century. Photographed over the course of a 2013 road trip, Colorado Dispatch presents the core of Soth’s work from the Centennial State. More

  • Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione, A presumed self-portrait, 1640s. Etching, platemark.

    Castiglione: Lost Genius

    Masterworks on Paper from the Royal Collection
    August 9, 2015–November 8, 2015

    See 90 of the finest drawings, etchings and monotypes by the master draftsman, painter, and printmaker Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione. The exhibition explores Castiglione’s mastery of art and how he produced brilliant works despite his turbulent private life that prevented him from becoming more widely known. More

  • The 4 Seasons of Veronica Read

    The 4 Seasons of Veronica Read

    A Video Installation by Kutluğ Ataman
    July 19, 2015–October 11, 2015

    The 4 Seasons of Veronica Read (2002) is a four-screen video installation filmed over the course of a year, which centers around the remarkable life of Veronica Read, an Englishwoman with a special passion for Hippeastrum, commonly known as amaryllis.

    With over 900 Hippeastrum bulbs in her two-bedroom house, Veronica Read's obsession with these flowers is all consuming. Masquerading as a documentary about the Hippeastrum flower bulb, the work is actually a portrait of a woman wholly devoted to the care of these bulbs, which contain the hope of flowering only once a year. More

  • In Bloom: Painting Flowers in the Age of Impressionism

    In Bloom

    Painting Flowers in the Age of Impressionism
    July 19, 2015–October 11, 2015

    In Bloom explores the development of nineteenth-century French floral still-life painting, and features about 60 paintings by Édouard Manet, Edgar Degas, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Paul Cézanne, Vincent van Gogh, and others. More