Olivetti: Innovation & Identity

November 1, 2010–March 24, 2013
Now Closed: November 1, 2010–Mar 24, 2013
North Building - Level 2

Olivetti: Innovation and Identity showcases the Italian company's groundbreaking approach to product design and promotion. After World War II, Olivetti's quality office machines and distinctive advertising graphics helped establish Italy’s reputation as the cradle of modern design. The company's graphic designers, architects, artists, writers, and advertising experts took an active part in the design of not only the company’s products and advertisements, but also the visual appearance of its showrooms and corporate architecture. “Design is a question of substance, not just form,” said Adriano Olivetti, who pioneered the company’s unique approach. “It’s a tool a company uses through its products, graphics, and architecture to convey an image that is not just simply appearance but a tangible reflection of a way of being and operating.”

Olivetti: Innovation and Identity is on view through March 24, 2013.