Grand Gestures

Dance, Drama, Masquerade
December 13, 2015–November 19, 2017
Dancing Maize God Tripod Plate

Dancing Maize God Tripod Plate, Maya, about A.D. 675–800. Guatemala, Tikal region. Earthenware with colored slips, 3.75 x 13.5 in. Collection of the Denver Art Museum, Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Larry Ottis, 1983.362.

Dancer with Rattle, Nopiloa style, about A.D. 600–900. Mexico, Veracruz. Earthenware. Museum purchase, 1955.122.

Bat-Man Vessel, Zapotec, about A.D. 500–900. Mexico, Oaxaca. Earthenware. General acquisition funds, 1971.352.

Now Closed: December 13, 2015–Nov 19, 2017
North Building - Level 4

Pre-Columbian art is full of human and supernatural figures in dramatic poses. Some clearly portray dance, while others appear to represent singing, oratory, drama, and ritual. This installation of 29 objects presents a cross-cultural selection of works from the Denver Art Museum’s extensive collection.