Epic: Joseph Stashkevetch Drawings

November 17, 2013–July 13, 2014

Joseph Stashkevetch, Ask the Dust (detail). 2011. Conte crayon on watercolor paper. Courtesy the artist and Baldwin Gallery, Aspen, CO. Photo courtesy Christopher Burke.

Now Closed: November 17, 2013–Jul 13, 2014
Hamilton Building - Level 3

Epic in size, epic in content, Joseph Stashkevetch’s drawings assault one’s senses by their obsessive detail, incredible size, and links to civilizations past and present. The disintegrating towers in Ask the Dust might poke our recognition of a past life where civilization thrived, but look again and we might see it as an imaginary place influenced by an amalgamation of former cultures. In the seven lifelike drawings that comprise this exhibition, the artist critiques the questionable conclusion that modern times are an improvement from the past.

This exhibition is generously supported by the Eleanor & Henry Hitchcock Foundation.