Daniel Sprick’s Fictions: Recent Works

June 22, 2014–November 2, 2014

Daniel Sprick, Ketsia, 2013. Oil on board; 20 x 24 in. © 2014 Daniel Sprick. Courtesy of private collection. Photograph by Wes Magyar and WM Artist Services.

Daniel Sprick, Nicky, 2009. Oil on board; 30 x 24 in. © 2014 Daniel Sprick. Private collection.

Daniel Sprick, Carmel, 2013 (work in progress). Oil on board; 20 x 20 in. © 2014 Daniel Sprick. Courtesy of the artist. Photograph by Wes Magyar and WM Artist Services.

Now Closed: June 22, 2014–Nov 2, 2014
Hamilton Building - Level 2

“Upon first glance, viewers might think Daniel’s works are photographs because of their stunningly realistic elements. However, the longer we look at one of his paintings, the more we become aware that they are anything but a part of our world. We encounter Sprick’s paintings not so much as statements, but more as experiences, whereby we engage deeply with his creativity.” - Timothy J. Standring, exhibition curator and Gates Foundation Curator at the DAM

Daniel Sprick's Fictions: Recent Works includes more than 30 examples of the Colorado artist’s portraiture and still life paintings that blur the line between realism and abstraction. His meticulous representation of everyday objects and stirring interpretation of the human form provide viewers a new way to look at the world.

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This exhibition is organized by the Denver Art Museum. Support is provided by the Friends of Painting and Sculpture, the generous donors to the Annual Fund Leadership Campaign, and the citizens who support the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD). Promotional support is provided by 5280 Magazine, CBS4, Comcast Spotlight, and The Denver Post.