Barbara Bosworth: Quiet Wonder

March 13, 2015–September 20, 2015

Barbara Bosworth, Common yellowthroat, 2003. Inkjet print. © Barbara Bosworth

Barbara Bosworth, Salmon, 1994. Gelatin silver print. © Barbara Bosworth

Now Closed: March 13, 2015–Sep 20, 2015
North Building - Level 7

Barbara Bosworth’s photography explores nature and memory through calm reflection upon places that hold deep personal and social meaning. Using a large format 8x10 camera, Bosworth makes exquisite prints that immerse the viewer in the scene and imbue details—fleeting effects of light and subtle traces of human or natural activity—with arresting presence.

She approaches her work with a single-mindedness and a sense of adventure that recall the pioneering naturalists who wandered North America in search of scientific specimens two hundred years ago, but instead of skins and pressed plants, Bosworth brings home images that show both the abundance and the mystery of the world around us. Through her photographs of places she has known all her life, and through others about fishing, bird banding, and hunting, Bosworth reminds us that the natural world is tightly woven with the complexities of human existence.