Aqua-Terra / Terra-Aqua

May 17, 2015–April 10, 2016

Francisco Alvarado-Juárez, Beetle #2, acrylic on paper, 2014-2015. Copyright of the artist.

Francisco Alvarado-Juárez, Butterfly #1, acrylic on paper, 2014-2015. Copyright of the artist.

Francisco Alvarado-Juárez, Moth #1, acrylic on paper, 2014-2015. Copyright of the artist.

Now Closed: May 17, 2015–Apr 10, 2016
Hamilton Building - Level 2

New York-based artist Francisco Alvarado-Juárez has transformed the Precourt Discovery Hall into a whimsical environment for family audiences using recycled paper from thousands of paper grocery bags, painted and cut by hand. Created in collaboration with local community groups, the seaweed-like bags camouflage paintings of insects—partially hidden by the protruding bags—creating another opportunity for discovery as visitors move through the space. The installation also includes video projections and ambient nature sounds as well as a worktable where visitors of all ages can create paper images to contribute to the piece.

Aqua-Terra / Terra-Aqua is organized by the Denver Art Museum in collaboration with the artist. It is generously funded by The William Randolph Hearst Foundation.

Special thanks for installation collaboration and in-kind support provided by Beth Ellis and the students of Thornton Elementary; Alexandra Overby, Claudia Monica Gualtero, and the students of East High School; Sheri Klem and the students of WLA Middle School; Alexandra Rodriguez, Jennifer Woodworth, and the Denver Broncos Boys & Girls Club; Deb Rosenbaum and the VA major students of Denver School of the Arts; Sonia Deras and the students of the Maranatha Center; Arlette Lucero and the mentors of the Journey Through Our Heritage program; Erin Lea-Dougherty and the students of Westerly Creek Elementary School; Marda Kirn; Brigid Lupetin; Mykel Galin; Elizabeth Bossert; Arlette Lucero; Bethany Haizlett; Leticia Tanguma; Aubrey Valencia; Ashley Elise Nance; Erica Wernsmann-Loppnow; Kate McKenna-Collum; Sarah Kreiger; George Patterson; Nelson Moreno; Jay Jaramillo; Marilyn Leuszler; Betsy Duzan; Rita Flores de Wallace; Anita Rodriguez Harman; Emily Bobrick; Shannon Conmy; Karen Kenney; Beatriz Gomez; Deb Rosenbaum; Martha Burgess; and Nikki Sandschaper.