Jordan Casteel, Miles and Jojo, 2015.

Jordan Casteel, Miles and Jojo, 2015. Oil on canvas: 32 x 72 in. Collection of Bernard I. Lumpkin and Carmine D. Boccuzzi. Image courtesy of Sargent's Daughters, New York. ©Jordan Casteel

At Home: Hand in Hand 

Inspired by artist Jordan Casteel. 

“Hands are very important for me,” says Denver-born artist Jordan Casteel. “A single hand can hold so much emotion.”

Casteel creates larger-than-life portraits of individuals in her neighborhood. She focuses on subtle details in capturing these subjects, including a series devoted to their hands.


What do your hands tell others about you? How can focusing on just one detail, like hands, tell a story?

Create your own focused portrait depicting your hands and what they tell others about you.


  • Construction paper (bright colors and skin tones, full sheets and cut-out shapes)
  • Glue
  • Colorful tissue paper