Kerry James Marshall, Better Homes, Better Gardens, 1994. Acrylic paint and paper collage on canvas. Funds from Polly and Mark Addison, the Alliance for Contemporary Art, Caroline Morgan, and Colorado Contemporary Collectors: Suzanne Farver, Linda and Ken

Kerry James Marshall, Better Homes, Better Gardens (Mejores hogares, mejores jardines), 1994. Acrílico y collage de papel sobre lienzo.

Fondos de Polly y Mark Addison, de la Alliance for Contemporary Art, de Caroline Morgan y miembros de Colorado Contemporary Collectors: Suzanne Farver, Linda y Ken Heller, Jan y Frederick Mayer, Beverly y Bernard Rosen, Annalee y Wagner Schorr, así como de donantes anónimos.

Ten Times Two

The art of observation will provide an opportunity for children to look into the detail of the artwork. This activity will reinforce math skills, build vocabulary and introduce descriptive language.

From Artful Thinking, this close looking game can be used with any visual art object.

  • Give children about 30 seconds to look all around the artwork. If possible, pass it around so children can feel and see it up close.
  • Write numbers 1-10 on the board or a sheet of paper. Ask the children to help count aloud before beginning the brainstorm activity.
  • Encourage students to describe items in the artwork. Model the descriptive language you would like children to use.
    • A blue bird in the sky
  • Once you’ve listed 10 items, pass the artwork around again and encourage children to look really closely to find new things.
  • Repeat the same steps to try to get 10 more words or items to describe the art.
  • Ask children prompting questions when they are struggling to come up with words. What animals do you see? What kinds of plants do you see? Tell me about the clothes the people are wearing.