Hopi Eagle Dancer, Dan Namingha, 1995

Hopi Eagle Dancer

Dan Namingha, United States,1995

Height: 36 in. Width: 36 in.

Denver Art Museum Collection: Gift of Virginia Vogel Mattern, 2003.1296

Sorting Box

This routine will encourage children to relate their personal knowledge of a concrete object with a more abstract image. Students will explore how artists make choices when creating as they investigate different colors, textures, and shapes.

  • Gather a box or bin of different colorful, textured, and shaped objects (e.g. feathers, blocks, fabrics, buttons, ribbons, etc.).
  • In a small-group or whole-class circle time, invite students to look at an artwork, such as Hopi Eagle Dancer, created by artist Dan Namingha.
  • Use the Colors/Shapes/Lines looking routine from Artful Thinking to guide their looking:

What colors do you see?

What shapes do you see?

What lines do you see?

  • Once students have had a chance to look at the artwork, ask each child to pick one object from the bin that reminds them of the artwork. Your students might choose an object that has a similar color, pattern, or shape to something in the artwork. Your students might also choose something reminding them of the sound or feel they imagine the artwork might share.
  • They can then share out about the connection they have made between the artwork and the object they have chosen.