Blanket/Rug with bright red, white, and blue patterns in various shapes

Artist not known, Navajo, Eyedazzler Blanket/Rug, about 1885. Textile. 71in. Width: 54 in. Denver Art Museum; Gift of Mrs. Charles Macallister Willcox.

Weaving with Various Materials

Provide an 8x10 piece of felt that has slits one inch a part almost the entire width of the piece. Leave a one inch space around the entire felt piece as a border.

Provide various material choices to weave in and out of the slits.

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Cut paper (paper bag, card stock, etc)
  • Heavy yarn pieces
  • Ribbon
  • Burlap

Guiding questions:

  • We each started with the same blank piece of felt. Now that we are finished are any of the two projects in the class alike?
  • Why is it important to weave in and out?
  • What materials feel rough? Smooth?
  • What colors or patterns do you see?