Metal is threaded together to create the appearance of fabric, mainly silver, red and yellow colors

Rain Has No Father?, El Anatsui, 2008, woven metal

Piecing it Together

  • Have a basket with twist ties or cut up pipe cleaners in a center and another basket of cut up cardstock shapes (cereal boxes are great for this!) Hole punches should also be available nearby.
  • Let children explore with materials, figuring out how to string pieces together. They can each make their own individual piece, or attach them all together as a group to hang on the wall.

Guiding questions:

  • How could you add another piece to what you’ve already made?
  • How long can you make it? How wide?
  • How could we hang all of our pieces together?

How could you make a pattern with the pieces?

Set up an area with a basket of pipe cleaners and twist ties and another basket of cut up shapes.

Let children explore how to piece the shapes together with the materials provided.

Add children’s work together to create a large textile.