If, Richard Patterson, 1999, oil paint

If (Si)

Richard Patterson, Inglaterra



Colección de Vicki y Kent Logan, donación fraccionaria y prometida al Denver Art Museum, 2001.808

Drip Drop Paint

Children discover what happens when paint drips over a 3-D form. Pouring one color at a time, children see the effect of layering colors.

Designate a space that would allow students to explore with paints… this might get messy, use smocks! Model this as a small group before placing in a self-guided area.

  • Invite students to choose a figurine (ex: recycled items).
  • Have the young artists place figurines in a tray.
  • Provide students with small cups of paint (thick tempura paint will adhere to the form best).
  • Encourage students to pour the paint over the figurines one color at a time
  • Ask questions to guide their exploration and to encourage creative thought and vocabulary.

Guiding questions:

  • What shapes do the paints make?
  • What happens when the colors overlap?
  • Where do you see colors swirling?
  • How can you tell which color was poured first? Last?
  • How is your art the same as/different than the art of another student?

Vierta un poco de pintura en los vasos antes de que los niños comiencen la exploración.

Pida que los jóvenes artistas pongan figuras de plástico, objetos reciclados, etc., en una bandeja.

Los jóvenes artistas volcarán las pinturas de colores, una a la vez, sobre las figuras. Utilice las preguntas orientadoras para ayudarlos a explorar.

Invite a los jóvenes artistas a pensar en su obra terminada mediante las preguntas orientadoras.