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Norman Rockwell: Imagining Freedom

Students will examine how illustrators in the 1940s and beyond became important storytellers who advanced important civic ideas through their creative advertising and images in this exhibition featuring Norman Rockwell and his contemporaries. The exhibition culminates in Rockwell’s depiction of the Four Freedoms as defined in Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1941 speech of the same name.

The exhibition narrative showcases Rockwell’s war-era artworks that reinforced the positive approach of bringing Americans together for the common good.


  • Offered May 4 through May 29
  • Capacity is limited to groups of 40 or fewer


FREE for students & chaperones (one chaperone for every 10 students). Divide class into groups of 10

Colorado Academic Standards (see more)

  • Social Studies
    • History
      • Recognize change and sequence over time
      • Evaluate and analyze sources using historical method of inquiry and defend their conclusions
      • Understand the concept that the power of ideas is significant throughout history
      • Ask questions, share information and discuss ideas about the past and present
      • Analyze the concepts of continuity and change and effect
      • Analyze historical sources using tools of a historian
      • Become familiar with United States historical eras, groups, individuals, ideas and themes
      • Become familiar with United States historical eras, groups, individuals, and themes
      • Become familiar with United States family and cultural traditions in the past and present
  • Visual Arts
    • Observe and Learn to Comprehend
    • Relate and Connect to Transfer
    • Envision and Critique to Reflect
  • Language Arts
    • Research and Reasoning
    • Reading for All Purposes

21st Century Skills

  • Critical Thinking & Reasoning
  • Information Literacy
  • Self-Direction