Wave Rock by Sangeeta Reddy

Colorful, abstract painting of Red Rocks Park in Colorado
Wave Rock
Sangeeta Reddy
United States
oil paint on linen canvas


Colorful, abstract painting of Red Rocks Park in Colorado
Geometric Shapes

The intricate shapes that Sangeeta uses in her paintings make her work look as though it is alive. The shapes give the painting a sense of movement, even if the direction of the movement might appear unclear. Sangeeta’s main goal for this painting is to capture this sense of movement that the Red Rocks display.

Colorful, abstract painting of Red Rocks Park in Colorado
Bold colors

The bright colors­ in this painting are representative of the colorful Colorado plateau and landscape. Sangeeta’s color choices are meant to display the different natural formations found in the mountains, valleys, canyons, and deserts across the Colorado Plateau. Her bold color choice invites the imagination to think about the natural colors of soil, rocks, and riverbeds. She wanted the rocks in her Wave Rock painting to appear almost neon in color to exaggerate the natural colors of the landscape.


What is it? 

Sangeeta's photo of Red Rocks Park. Photo courtesy of the artist.

This is an abstract painting of the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater in Colorado. This oil on linen painting invokes geometric gestures that portray constant movement. The bold color palette and accentuated shapes represent the landscape of Colorado that is constantly evolving.

Who made it? 

Portrait of Sangeeta Reddy. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Sangeeta Reddy, a Denver-based artist, created this artwork. Her artistic influences range widely from Indian weaving and textiles to Van Gogh and Picasso, inspiration she’s had since childhood. Sangeeta’s artistic talents range between disciplines; she is also an accomplished writer, having written several novels and a screenplay. Sangeeta says, “Societies where artists are valued are healthy societies.”

How is it made? 

Sangeeta's navy blue outline before she fills in with colors. Photot courtesy of the artist.

Sangeeta begins by sketching the larger movements of her subject with pencil. Then, she goes back with a brush and darker navy-blue colored paint to go over the lines she made with pencil. She fills in the lines with darker tones and eventually puts in the brighter tones to highlight certain sections of the painting. Finally, she also goes back to reemphasize the lines that are already there.

What inspired it?

Sangeeta is originally from Hyderabad, India. When she moved to Colorado she fell in love with the Colorado plateau because it reminded her of home. Hyderabad was built on a volcanic plateau, so both locations rendered many similarities for Sangeeta. She was also drawn to the Colorado plateau for its “dramatic scale and rampant color.” She is an artist that is especially drawn to the land. “I am just at the beginning, but the hunger has returned. The plateau has always called. I just stopped to listen.”


  • What do you see when you look at this artwork?
  • Describe the colors and shapes you see in this artwork.
  • Where do you see movement in this artwork? How did the artist show movement?
  • Imagine you could step into this painting. Describe how you think it would feel to be in this environment.
  • Imagine your favorite outdoor place. What colors and shapes would you use to paint it?