Farmer Palette, Yuma, CO by Evan Anderman

Photograph showing a bird's-eye-view of a field in Yuma, Colorado that has dark, wavy lines across it
Farmer Palette, Yuma, CO
Evan Anderman
United States
Pigment print


Close up of a photograph of a bird's-eye-view of a field in Yuma, Colorado that shows dark wavy lines across it
Curved Lines

Look at the curved line that makes up the majority of the photograph. The curved line appears to be almost perfectly symmetrical. The perfect symmetry of this curved line might mean that it was man-made and not a natural occurrence. What do you think this line could be? Is it simply a trace of farming or could it be something more?

Close up of a photograph of a bird's-eye-view of a field in Yuma, Colorado that shows dark wavy lines across it
Line Breaks

Pay attention to the breaks in the curved line. Why do you think there might be significant breaks in the seemingly solid brown line?

Close up of a photograph of a bird's-eye-view of a field in Yuma, Colorado that shows a dark, curving shape arching across the corner of the field
Terrain Structure

Look closely at the bottom right corner of the photograph. Is this a man-made structure or do you think it is a natural land formation? What type of land formation could this be? What do you think it would look like if you were standing next to it?


What is it? 

This photograph was taken from an aerial perspective, which means it was photographed from the sky. It captures a unique view of the landscape. This photo was taken while flying over the Eastern Plains of Colorado, just east of the Rocky Mountains. More specifically, this photo was taken over Yuma, Colorado in 2014.

Who made it? 

Portrait of Evan Anderman. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Evan Anderman, a Colorado-based photographer, captured this image. Prior to becoming a photographer, Evan earned a PhD in Geological Engineering and spent decades working as a geologist. His interest in geology highly influences his work.

What inspired it?

He developed a love for the land as a child and wanted to express that love through his photography and geological career. He is attracted to places less traveled. Evan was inspired to take this photograph of the Eastern plains landscape because he wanted to capture a perspective that is not typically seen.

How is it made?

Evan Anderman capturing one of his photographs from his airplane. Photo courtesy of the artist. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Evan flies his own airplane, a Cessna 206, over the landscape while simultaneously capturing his images. He puts the plane on autopilot while he photographs the earth. Evan says, “It is a balancing act keeping the camera steady in my hands while getting the best composition, I can’t put the lens too far out the window as the slipstream will vibrate it.” Therefore, his artistic process involves a very precise set of circumstances.


  • Describe what you see when you look at this artwork.
  • How do you think this artwork was created? What makes you think that?
  • How many different kinds of lines can you find in this artwork?
  • Imagine that you could fly high above your neighborhood and take a picture. What kinds of lines would you see? What kinds of colors would you see?