• Architecture and Design

    Architecture and Design

    The architecture and design collection features modern and contemporary architecture, furniture, and industrial and graphic design, and showcases designers and movements from this period. Also in the collection are works from the Middle Ages to the 1900s that represent major developments in style, form, material, and technique in European and North American furniture and decorative arts. More

  • American Indian Art

    American Indian Art

    The American Indian art collection represents the artistic works of nearly every tribe across the United States and Canada and all artistic traditions created within these cultures from prehistoric times to the present. It offers visitors the opportunity to experience the artistic vision of generations of American Indian artists from across North America. More

  • Textile Art & Fashion

    Textile Art & Fashion

    The collections of the department of textile art and fashion encompass over 5,000 objects from Asia, Europe, North and South America, and range from archeological textiles to contemporary works of art in fiber. More

  • Pre-Columbian Art

    Pre-Columbian Art

    The Denver Art Museum's pre-Columbian collection represents nearly every major culture in Mesoamerica, Central America, and South America. Included are masterworks in ceramic, stone, gold, jade, and textiles.

    During the North Building renovation project the Pre-Colombian galleries are closed. More

  • Spanish Colonial Art

    Spanish Colonial Art

    Notable for its cultural and temporal range and artistic quality, the Spanish Colonial collection of the Denver Art Museum is the most comprehensive collection in the United States and one of the best in the world.

    Spanning three and a half centuries (c. 1492-1850), the collection of over 3,000 objects represents the diverse cultures and geographic areas of Latin America including Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Argentine, Chile, and the southwestern United States. More

  • Asian Art

    Asian Art

    The Denver Art Museum's Asian art collection originated in 1915 with a donation of Chinese and Japanese art objects from a single passionate collector and has broadened to include works from the entire Asian continent. Spanning a period from the fourth millennium B.C. to the present, these objects illustrate the wide-ranging achievements of Asian artists and artisans.

    During the North Building renovation project the Asian galleries are closed.


  • Modern & Contemporary Art

    Modern & Contemporary Art

    Renowned for its impressive collection of modern masterworks and outstanding contemporary objects, the modern and contemporary collection represents more than a century of artistic innovation. Encompassing over 12,500 works made since 1900, the museum’s collection includes works by such artistic luminaries as Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Henri Matisse, and Georgia O’Keeffe, as well as 33 paintings, drawings, and collages by the acclaimed abstract-expressionist Robert Motherwell. More

  • Oceanic Art

    Oceanic Art

    The Oceanic art collection includes an array of art forms from the South Pacific region and is especially strong in art from the geographic regions of Melanesia and Polynesia. This collection of more than 1,000 pieces includes important historic monumental sculpture, delicate bark cloth, intricate wood carvings, and the work of contemporary artists such as Mathias Kauage and Laben Sakale.

    During the North Building renovation project the Oceanic art galleries are closed. More

  • African Art

    African Art

    The African art collection consists of approximately 1,000 objects—older works and new ones by contemporary artists. Focused on the diverse artistic traditions of Africa, it includes rare and exquisite works in sculpture, textiles, jewelry, painting, printmaking, and drawings. Although the strength of the collection is west African art, with emphasis on Yoruba works, there are important masterpieces from all regions and mediums of expression including wood, metals, fibers, terra cotta, and mixed media compositions. More

  • European & American Art

    European & American Art

    The department of painting and sculpture oversees the European art collection before 1900 and the American art collection before 1945. Together they include more than 3,000 artworks and are composed of painting, sculpture, and prints. More

  • Photography


    The photography department is recognized for its extensive holdings of nineteenth-century work, notably of the American West. Collectively, the museum’s works of early photography reflect both the achievements of the medium’s outstanding practitioners and the shifting environmental attitudes of nineteenth-century Americans. The collection also has strong holdings of European and American modernist photography.

    During the North Building renovation project the Photography galleries are closed. More

  • Petrie Institute of Western American Art

    Petrie Institute of Western American Art

    The Petrie Institute of Western American Art (PIWAA) governs the western American art collection, which encompasses two centuries of paintings, sculptures, and works on paper related to the West. Additionally, PIWAA promotes scholarship in the field through exhibitions, annual symposia, and publications.

    During the North Building renovation project the Western American Art galleries are closed.