Friday, March 30, 2018 - 6:00pm10:00pm.
Throughout museum complex DenverCO
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Untitled: Steven Frost

This month at Untitled, contemporary fiber and performance artist Steven Frost’s creative takeover explores “Material Frequency” with hands-on artmaking and creative explorations of textile and electronic arts at our third installment of artist-led Untitled Final Fridays.

Produced with local creatives, Untitled Final Fridays is the museum's monthly late night program featuring workshops, performances and tours with a twist. Experience the museum in an entirely different way—every time.

College students with valid ID receive 2-for-1 admission to Untitled Final Fridays.



Material Frequency

“Being creative is not so much the desire to do something as the listening to that which

wants to be done: the dictation of the materials.” – Bauhaus artist Anni Albers

For our Untitled Creative Takeover this month, fiber and new media artist Steven Frost has woven together an interactive evening of textile, sound, and electronic arts featuring local artists who embrace material and action in their practices.

6-8 pm

Music by The Nightshift

Level 2 Atrium, Precourt

What happens when vinyl meets electricity? A FLIPPIN’ DANCE PARTY that’s what! Laura Conway and Meghan Meehan of The Nightshift get the night started off right by spinning 45’s in the museum’s most magical space.

Don’t worry, the music doesn’t stop at 8, we’ll have a great playlist by artist Steven Frost kicking out the jams from 8-10.

6-8 pm


Food Truck located on 12th and Acoma by the big bronze cows

Eat up; it’s going to be a big night. Lucky for you, Teal Taco is here, so get your grub on! Grab a taco and bring it back in or take in the night air and head back for more fun.

*Pro tip! You can order your food at the table by the stairs & have it delivered to the atrium!

6-9 pm

Or until materials run out.

Putting It All Together

Level 1 Atrium

Steven Frost has gathered friends from around the Front Range to help him create woven compositions which represent the spirit of collaboration. These woven works of art will be created using laser cut backstrap looms, t-shirts rejected from Goodwill, and a Toyota RAV4. Ask weavers for a turn operating the looms. All patrons who help will be listed as collaborators in future exhibitions of these pieces.

*Bonus! Find more weavers weaving throughout the museum all evening to learn more!

6-9 pm

Or until materials run out..

Style, Shred and Shuttle

Level 1 Atrium and 3-D Studio

Get hands-on and become part of the production! Watch as T-shirts are shredded into yarn and wind weaving shuttles with recycled t-shirt yarn that will be part of the art being created all over the museum.

6-9 pm


Drawn to Glamour, Level 2 galleries

Dig the materials of Jim Howard’s Drawn to Glamour as you put your most stylish face forward and let Emily Platzer’s Gifotron animate your night by helping you create your own animated gifs.

Pro tip! Check out your moves projected in the Hamilton atrium & by checking out twitter @untitleddam!

6:15 pm & 7:15 pm

It’s Honor is Hereby Pledged

Level 3 galleries, Stampede

Get wrapped up in a spoken word performance by contemporary interdisciplinary artist Gina Adams, featuring her Treaty of the Osage Broken Treaty Quilt performance.

6:45pm & 7:45pm

Ritual for Hybrid Media

Level 3 Atrium

Get electric with artists Jason and Debora Bernagozzi as they perform experimental video art with a frequency-modulated oscillator, aka a “Wobbulator” (how cool is that!) and a whole variety of modified materials.

7:15-8:15 pm Drop-in

Process Reversal Film Screening

Lower Level, Sharp Auditorium

Sit back and experience the 16mm slickness of our projectors that haven't seen the light of film for years. It’s a celebration of celluloid as we kick off an artist film series that will carry on throughout the Untitled season! Stick around for Q&A with the Process Reversal crew.

8:15 pm & 9 pm

Drum Set Situations - Rope

Level 4 galleries, Stampede

Get knocked off your seat by this percussive endurance piece by Adán De La Garza and Ryan Wade Ruehlen of The Flinching Eye Collective. Feel free to bring some earplugs, because it’s going to get loud.

9:15 pm

“I am Catwoman, hear me roar”

Lower Level, Sharp Auditorium

An interactive lecture by artist Steven Frost, exploring new approaches to pop culture studies, fiber art, and collaboration. Get ready for fun, facts, and maybe even a sing-along with the evening’s artists.

Steven Frost would like to thank this evening’s primary collaborators: Abby Krause, Adán De La Garza, Debora Bernagozzi, Emily Platzer, Gina Adams, Jan Cole, Janet Hollingworth, Jason Bernagozzi, Jodie Gorochow, Kathy Lane, Laura Conway, Lauren Hegge, Meghan Meehan, Process Reversal, Robby Holb, Ryan Wade Ruehlen

A special thanks to all the volunteers and community members who chose to participate in tonight’s project.