Friday, September 27, 2019 - 6:00pm10:00pm.
Hamilton Building DenverCO
Included in general admission

Untitled Final Friday: Harvest of the Dreamer

featuring MO SPKX

September's Untitled event highlights the creative practice of MO SPKX, with the theme "Harvest of the Dreamer," inspired by The Light Show.

As summer turns to fall, shadows come out to play. The sun still reigns supreme as parallel universes dance.

MO SPKX joins the Denver Art Museum to curate the Harvest of the Dreamer. Prepare for a night of live music, dream play, astrology, surrealist poetry, mandalas, movement, comedy, film and meta-realism. Enter a portal of radical imagination.

Spotify playlist by MO SPKX.

Find the Teal Taco food truck parked on 12th Ave.!


* Collected Selfies and Dreamscapes, 6-9:30 pm, lower level in Sharp Auditorium

Selected short films, music videos, personal diaries, and archival performance footage by MO SPKX.

* Meta-Realist and Neo-Precolumbian Art, lower level lobby, 6-9:30 pm

Experience the artwork of Stevon Lucero, the last mystic.

* ROOT, 6-10 pm, level 1 atrium

Silent screening of a film by Molina Speaks, Kimberly Ming, and DJ Icewater.

* Dreaming Our Reality As We Go, 6-9:30 pm, level 1 Paint Studio

Explore how color, light, and sound influence the human body, mind and spirit. Create small abstract paintings with Diles, Visceral View Entertainment: producer, sound engineer, and artist from Albuquerque, NM.

* Blackout Poetry, 6-9:30 pm, level 2 Newman Overlook

Engage in a meditative process of poetic language with Crisosto Apache. Give your poem to the sharing wall, and take another’s home with you.

* A Calendar of Dreams, 6-9:30 pm, level 3 Hub

The zodiac represents one of the oldest systems of symbol, myth, psychology, and practice in the world. Participate in collaborative zodiac mandala-making with Ramon Parish, faculty member in the Interdisciplinary Studies department at Naropa University.

Guided experiential sessions

6:30 pm (Part 1: Zodiac as Mandala, Womb and Seed)

7:30 pm (Part 2: The Science of Dreams: Planetary Aspects & Field Consciousness)

9 pm (Part 3: A Stratagem of Dreams)

* Ancient Future Flower Mandalas, 6-10 pm, levels 3 & 4 of The Light Show

Conceived and curated by MO SPKX, with assistance from Youth on Record Fellows, Cohort 3.


* Master Trumpeter and Jester, 6-9:30 pm, museum-wide

Catch Randy Runyan roaming the museum and activating all performances with trumpet solos.

* Opening Feature, 6 pm, level 1 atrium

Performance by MO SPKX, Randy Runyan, DJ Icewater. A poetic invocation of dreams.

* DJ Icewater, 6:15 pm, 7:15 pm, 9:15 pm, level 1 atrium

Los Angeles native, producer, and turntablist DJ Icewater flies into the Mile High City to celebrate a decade of music and arts collaborations with MO SPKX. He will be spinning some of his favorite music throughout the evening.

* Joan & Charlie: “Whose Dream are We In?” An Equitable Tour of British Treasures, 6:15 pm & 7:45 pm, level 2 gallery

Buntport Theater featuring Evan Weissman of Warm Cookies of the Revolution.

* Harp and Dreams, 6:30 pm, level 3 gallery

Annastezhaa soothes the heart and soul with her strings.

* Museo, 7 pm, level 1 atrium

Join MO SPKX and DJ Icewater for the world premiere of the new single, Museo, with dance performance by The IMPECKABLES.

* Grand Piano and Dreams, 7:15 pm, level 4 gallery

Felix "Fast4ward” Ayodele activates the right brain on the keys.

* Flor y Canto, 8 pm, level 3 gallery

Activation of flower mandala with MO SPKX and harpist Annastezhaa.

* Flor y Canto, 8:30 pm, level 4 gallery

Activation of flower mandala with MO SPKX and pianist Felix "Fast4ward” Ayodele.

* Artist Talk: Meta-Realism and Indigenous Futurism, 8:45 pm, lower level lobby

Explore the history and definition of Meta-Realism with Stevon Lucero.

* Closing Feature by MO SPKX and DJ Icewater, 9:30 pm, level 1 atrium

Debut performances of new records, Waitin’ on a Dream and Find My Way, with vocalist Mawule, trumpeter Randy Runyan, and dance performance by The IMPECKABLES.

* Soul Train Portal, 9:45 pm, level 1 atrium

Close out your evening with dance vibes from DJ Icewater.

Contributing Creatives: Annastezhaa, Felix "Fast4ward” Ayodele, Crisosto Apache, Buntport Theater, DJ Icewater, Diles, The IMPECKABLES, Stevon Lucero, Mawule, Kimberly Ming, MO SPKX, Ramon Parish, Randy Runyan, Evan Weissman, Youth on Record Fellows.

Untitled is free for members and includes general admission to the museum. Students with valid ID receive two-for-one tickets during Untitled.