Friday, January 26, 2018 - 6:00pm10:00pm.
Hamilton Building DenverCO
Included in general admission

Untitled: Nathan Hall & Laura Ann Samuelson

Untitled: Final Fridays just got even more creative. Join us for the 2018 season kickoff and our first artist-designed lineup!

Composer Nathan Hall and choreographer Laura Ann Samuelson are guest curating the night's events, so stop by for a night of offbeat art and fun!

Designed by local creatives, Untitled Final Fridays is the museum's monthly late night program featuring workshops, performances, and tours with a twist. Experience the museum in an entirely different way—every time.

College students with valid ID receive 2-for-1 admission to Untitled Final Fridays.



For our very first Untitled creative takeover, composer Nathan Hall and choreographer Laura Ann Samuelson have shrunk us down and focused the night on teensy-weensy micro experiences and explorations of music, movement, sound and dance.


  • 6-10 pm: Jordan Knecht: Be EAR Now (Start in the Level 1 Atrium). Listen up, in and around as you search out the sonic oddities of the Hamilton building & see the museum in a whole new way…with your ears! Look out for guiding clues and on each floor and turn in your homework to win prizes from the artist.
  • 6-7 pm: Tiny Hamburgers (Level 1 Atrium). Wondering where the food went? Get out your magnifying glass and find a feast…well, kind of. Build up your appetite for the evening by assembling a small and sugary snack (ketchup not included).
  • 6:15-6:45 pm: The Denver Orbit Presents: Littles Paia (Level 1 Atrium). Open the night with big sounds from Littles Paia and discover more with a Q&A from Art & Culture podcast producers The Denver Orbit.
  • 7-8 pm, drop-in: Dog Dance with Joanna & the Agitators (Level 4, Stampede: Animals in Art). Space out and focus in on curious shapes. Watch or participate in the slowest dance of micro-movements that you’ve ever seen, featuring a troupe of performers of all ages.
  • 7-8pm, drop-in: Playground Ensemble (Level 1 Atrium). Compose yourself by drawing a graphic score (don’t worry, it’s easy!) and have your artwork performed live by classically trained musicians.

ROUND 2: Micro Experiences!

8-9 pm: Stop by any (or ALL!) of these artist-led intimate experiences throughout the museum! Note: These experiences are designed to work best as individual or small group mini-experiences, so there may be a short wait time to participate.

  • Michelle Ellsworth (Level 2 Atrium). Take a break (if only for a minute) in Michelle’s Adirondack chair.
  • Becky Wareing Steele (Level 2 Atrium, Precourt Gallery). Miniaturize your favorite masterpiece in this pint-sized workshop. Donate your art to the DAM’s smallest collection or take your work home to impress all your friends.
  • Bonnie Cox with Taylor King (Level 3, Stampede: Animals in Art). Peek in the bullroom on a dance duet that’s playing on loop.
  • Laura Williams (Level 3, Stampede: Animals in Art). Zoom in on the stories and songs hidden within Stampede as you walkabout with Laura on a solo serenade.
  • Ondine Geary and Tim Lowrimore (Level 4, Eyes On: Xiaoze Xie). Eyes on? Ears on! Hear what no one else hears using infrared sensors, and add input to future listeners' experiences.
  • Buntport Theatre (Level 2). Join Joan and Charlie creators on a new small adventure as they host a special investigation of shrunken sculpture.
  • Teresita Lozano (Level 4, Stampede: Animals in Art). Come learn and discuss art and identity with a short lecture from a specialist in music history and culture.


9-9:30 pm: TINY Dances (Lower Level). Our co-curators of the evening debut 32 original compositions, including hits like: Singing in the piano. No YOU do it! Parts that wander away. Sirens! Gristle, and that new classic - In a shocking turn of events, everything was alright.