Friday, February 23, 2018 - 6:00pm10:00pm.
Throughout museum complex DenverCO
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Untitled: The Narrators

Gather round and listen up to The Narrators as this group of story-telling superstars write-up a lineup of legends and laughs in our second installment of artist-led Untitled Final Fridays.

Produced with local creatives, Untitled Final Fridays is the museum's monthly late night program featuring workshops, performances, and tours with a twist. Experience the museum in an entirely different way—every time.

College students with valid ID receive 2-for-1 admission to Untitled Final Fridays.



True Stories: Outside, Inside & Between

For our Untitled Creative Takeover this month, The Narrators have us digging deep and speaking up, exploring the interplay between visual art and true stories, and playing with three different levels of storytelling – the stories we share with others, stories we keep to ourselves, and the dialogues that bind us together. Presented in collaboration with Denver Zine Library, From the Hip Photo, FUNK CLUB, and Denver Art Museum’s Adult Programs.


Listen to true stories inspired by surrounding art—as told by local artists, storytellers, and museum staff. Live illustrations by comic book artists Lonnie MF Allen and Brian Essig-Peppard.

  • 6:30 pm: Featuring Heather Nicolson Hughes, David Blatt, and DAM interpretive specialist Ann Lambson (Level 4 galleries Stampede: Animals in Art).
  • 7:30 pm: Featuring Ru Johnson, Laura Wingate, and DAM interpretive specialist Heather Nielsen (Level 3 galleries, Stampede: Animals in Art).
  • 8:30 pm: Featuring Rachel Weeks, Alan Brooks, and DAM interpretive specialist Molly Medakovich (Level 2, western American art galleries).


Find listening stations at various locations in the museum, and sit down and enjoy some story snippets of your choosing. See a photo story unfold on the museum walls above you.

  • 6-9 pm: LISTENING STATIONS--Browse clips of selected favorite stories from The Narrators podcast. Featuring stories by Laura Bond, Stephen Brackett, Christie Buchele, Steven Burge, Janae Burris, Adam Cayton-Holland, Ron Doyle, Ellen K Graham, Joe Holland, Mathiba Kgopa, Timmi Lasley, Andrew Orvedahl, Sarah Pessin, Joe Phillips, Mary Robertson, Erin Rollman, Robert Rutherford, Debbie Scheer, and Jimiliz Valiente-Neighbours (Level 1, Linking Asia | Level 2, Then, Now, Next | Level 3, Stampede).
  • 6-10 pm: HOLY SHIP! Look up and watch a photographic story unfold in 30 images. Presented by photographer Nina de Zayas, founder of From the Hip Photo (Level 1, El Pomar Atrium).


Write your own stories and create your own art. Everyone has a story to tell!

6-9 pm

  • MAKE A MINI-ZINE: Join our friends from the Denver Zine Library and fold a mini-zine passport or a blank mini-zine of your own creation (Level 1, El Pomar Atrium).


  • SHARE A STORY WITH ONE PERSON: Take a postcard and write or draw a true story for a friend. If you know their address, we'll mail it for you (Level 2 atrium, Newman Overlook).
  • SHARE A STORY WITH EVERYONE: Write or draw a true story to hang up on the clothesline. Write or draw something in response to an existing story. Sample illustrations by Jackie Hay (Level 3 atrium & HUB).
  • SHARE A STORY WITH NO ONE: Write a true story that you don't want to share and send it through the shredder (Level 4, Eyes On: Xiaozie Xie (Forbidden books room).
  • TAKE AN AUDIO TOUR*: Take an audio walking tour of the Stampede galleries based on the memories of Ron S Doyle, Erin Rollman, and Sydney Crain of The Narrators. *Tours starting every 10-15 minutes in small groups (Level 4, Stampede, at the butterfly wall).


6-9:30pm: Forget everything else and dance the night away with DJ Jason Heller from FUNK CLUB (Level 2 atrium, Precourt gallery).