Friday, January 31, 2020 - 6:00pm10:00pm.
Throughout the Hamilton Building DenverCO
Included in general admission

Untitled: Creative Fusion

Featuring Eileen Roscina Richardson & Joshua Ware

Join us for the kickoff of Untitled: Creative Fusions with the theme of "Entanglements."

Explore the space between the manmade and the natural, where humans and nature are irrevocably intertwined. Creatives Eileen Roscina Richardson and Joshua Ware join forces to investigate the wild and the constructed, inspired by Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature and The Light Show.

Untitled: Creative Fusions are included in general museum admission; a special exhibition ticket is required for the Monet exhibition.

Bites & Beats: 6-10 pm, level 1 atrium

Liquid Nitrogen Popcorn — Baklava Nitro Popcorn with Colorado Honey, Pistachio & Rose by The Inventing Room.

Cultura's Mexican Drinking Chocolate — Sample Mexican-style drinking chocolate with Cultura Chocolate, a latina owned bean-to-bar chocolate making company.

Dance to vinyl tunes by Laura Conway!

Drop-in: 6-9:30 pm

Golden Shimmer, lower level lobby — Take your photo with this dazzling installation by Shayna Cohn.

Film Series! lower level Sharp Auditorium — Sit back and watch films provided by Process Reversal, and curated by Eileen Roscina Richardson.

Icebreaker Trivia, level 1 atrium — Grab a friend and test your knowledge with some fun trivia.

Wild Wheat Pasting, level 1 Paint Studio — Wheat paste your own water lily with We Were Wild, and add to a collaborative wall based on Monet’s blue kitchen.

Ex Situ, level 2 Precourt — Check out Eileen's dehydrated otherworldly mushroom sculptures, whose growth patterns have been manipulated over many months by a changing light source!

Fixed Flora, level 2 Newman Overlook — Experience a colorful mid-winter pick-me-up in this installation with thousands of hand-collected and pressed Colorado flowers!

Nest, level 2 Newman Overlook — Get tangled up in nature with this interactive nest-making activity. Weave willow, string, or plastic into a collaborative sculpture alongside Eileen Roscina Richardson.

DETH LIGHGHT IV // Coalesce, level 3 atrium — Peek inside a collaborative sculpture by Eileen Roscina Richardson and Joshua Ware.

Pollinator Garden, level 3 Hub — Create a pollinator and add to a collaborative floral installation with Tiffany Matheson.

DIGITAL DAWN CHORUS, level 3 gallery — Wander through an immersive sound experience that explores the liminal space between digital, audio manipulation, and ornithology by Joshua Ware.

In a forest glen, dappled DETH LIGHGHT illumines and obscures spirits born of the natural world, level 4 Gallery — Discover an immersive installation by Joshua Ware that explores the interplay of humanity and nature through video, sound, spoken word, and movement.

Looking Glass, level 4 atrium — See yourself in a live rotating kaleidoscopic projection by Chris Bagley.

Not to Miss Moments!

Live Ice Sculpting, 6:30-7:30 pm, Martin Plaza — Jess Parrish of Cool Hand Ice performs ice sculpting, inspired by the Claude Monet: Truth of Nature exhibition.

Offbeat Art Tour, 7:15 pm & 8:15 pm, level 2 gallery British Treasures — Join Catharine McCord and Stefania Van Dyke in an immersive tour that will engage your sense of scent.

Flowers Always and Always, 7 pm, 8 pm & 9 pm, level 3 freight elevator — Relax amid a garden of ambient projected light and sound presented by Jeanne Liotta and Eric Baus.

In a forest glen, dappled DETH LIGHGHT illumines and obscures spirits born of the natural world

ACTIVATIONS, level 4 Gallery

  • 6:45 pm, 7:45 pm & 8:30 pm — Live video art and sound experience by J Hamilton Isaacs and Matt Plain.
  • 7:30 pm & 8:15 pm — Collaborative spoken word activations by Sommer Browning, Phil Cordelli, and Sueyeun Juliette Lee.

SEE, 9:30 pm, level 1 atrium — SEE is a juxtaposition between ballet technique and pedestrian movement, human gesture and emotionally charged content. SEE expresses new dance territory, and delivers unknown movement language. Choreographed by Robert Sher-Machherndl and performed by the Pre-Professional Division of Colorado Ballet Academy.

Contributing Creatives: Chris Bagley, Eric Baus, Sommer Browning, Shayna Cohn, Colorado Ballet Academy, Phil Cordelli, Cultura Craft Chocolate, The Laura Conway, Inventing Room, J Hamilton Isaacs, Sueyeun Juliette Lee, Jeanne Liotta, Tiffany Matheson, Catharine McCord, Jess Parrish, Matt Plain, Process Reversal, We Were Wild