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Included in general admission

Talk at 12 (Wednesday & Friday)

Join a docent for a 30-minute, in-depth look at an aspect of the museum’s collections or something special happening in the galleries. Included in general admission. Meet in the first level elevator lobby of the Hamilton Building.

May 29 & 31: A New Way of Living

We will look at the development of open and flexible living spaces as seen in the Monsanto House of the Future.

June 5 & 7: Casteel: The Gaze, Old & New

From provincial England to the streets of Harlem, portraits have long fascinated the public. How do they continue to captivate us with their gaze and expression? Are Jordan Casteel's works and the portraits in Treasures of British Art that different? Come to this Talk at 12 and we will find out together.

June 12 & 14: Kauffman & Rome – Rich Secrets

Whatever can be revealed from this surreptitious Neoclassical gem? And moreover, what can be discovered about the artistthe veritable poster child of the Age of Reason? Follow the singular and beguiling journey of Angelica Kauffman, one of the most sought-after artists of the 18th century. Captivatingly, “the world was “Angelicamad.”

June 19 & 21: Eames Furniture FUNdamentals

Innovative husband and wife Charles and Ray Eames celebrated play, whimsy, curiosity, and discovery to solve design problems and “get the best to the most for the least.” As a result of their “serious play,” they created iconic furniture and became two of the most influential designers of midcentury America.

June 26 & 28: Purposeful Play the Eames Way

Charles and Ray Eames understood the power of play in exploring and understanding the world around us. Influenced by contemporary child-rearing practices and inspired by toys and games of their youth, they created delightful toys that spawned serious ideas for young and old alike.

July 3 & 5 Ponti: Not Just Architecture

A highly regarded architect and editor of two arts magazines, Gio Ponti also designed home furnishings and industrial products. This iconic desk was one of many items for the home he devised including eating utensils and dinner plates.

July 10 & 12 Casteel Again: The Bayfaals

The Baayfalls offers an opportunity to revisit the key elements that make Jordan Casteel’s work extraordinary — her method of engaging subjects, her artistic process and her choice of colors and use of language. The worldview of the Senegalese Baayfalls from her Harlem neighborhood underscores the humanity of Casteel’s work.

July 17 & 19 The American Raphael

Known in England as “The American Raphael,” Benjamin West puts aside his renowned historical paintings and shows us the purity of love between his wife and their child. He uses proportion, expression and character in a manner that perhaps even the Italian Raphael would admire.

July 24 & 26 Look! Clocks Not Just for Time

It is TIME to discover or rediscover how the beauty of a decorative clock can enhance a home. Remember that both hands of many midcentury clocks point to the top for a Talk at 12 with no numbers!

July 31 & August 2 A British Medieval Mystery

This medieval painting, The Crucifixion, contains mysteries and contradictions. It is a work of art without a signature or a date and yet we know so much about it. Discover what this 600-year-old painting reveals.

August 7 & 9 Amida’s Western Paradise

The Taima Mandala is A visual depiction of the Amida Buddha’s Western Paradise as well as a distillation of Pure Land Buddhist thought. Our discussion will focus on the iconography and legends relating to this enlightened “realm” of Buddhism so popular in the United States today.

August 14 & 16 Alice Barnham and Her Sons

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Meet Alice Barnham, a successful businesswoman and mother who would be considered so today. She and her husband were a power couple of 16th century London. Her portrait tells a fascinating story.

August 21 & 23 Keith Haring’s Altarpiece

Keith Haring began his career as an artist in the mid-1970s with a focus on making his art accessible to all. This altarpiece, his final endeavor, is a poignant swan song to a body of work that became the visual language of the 20th century.

August 28 & 30 Three Young Girls

This intriguing portrait of three sisters is full of mystery. We don’t know their identity, but we will unravel clues to their lives and unfold part of their secrets.