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Hamilton Building - Level 1
Included in general admission

Talk at 12 (Wednesday & Friday)

Join a docent for a 30-minute, in-depth look at an aspect of the museum’s collections or something special happening in the galleries. Included in general admission. Meet in the first level elevator lobby of the Hamilton Building.

March 28 & 30: Deborah Butterfield’s Horses

Come meet Lucky, Willy, and Argus. Why do we love these horses so much? How did the artist, Deborah Butterfield, make these horses so life-like and compelling while using only discarded branches and twigs, or, in other cases, found scrap metal?

April 4 & 6: Xiaoze Xie: A Passion for Books

China’s Cultural Revolution began in 1966, the year of artist Xiaoze Xie’s birth. To Xie, books preserve ancient traditions in contrast to China's history of censorship. Xie's still-life paintings are based on banned and forbidden books in China, which he has reimagined with his rich imagery and installation.

April 11 & 13: Jim Howard: Transformative Hand

Explore the stimulating world of Jim Howard, renowned fashion illustrator of the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. Jim's talent combines a realistic yet wonderfully expressive hand that uniquely portrays dramatic shadowing and an exquisite rendering of fabric via freestyle sketches with loving attention to detail.

April 18 & 20: Remington: The Cheyenne

Explore a vision of the American West through the sculpture of Frederic Remington.

April 25 & 27: Magnificent Mazarin Desk

Come and discover the detailed and skilled art of French furniture in this unique look at an amazing Baroque desk.

May 2 & 4: Happiness is 56 Pigs

Why pigs? Wenling Chen uses the symbolism of pigs in China to express his world thoughts in regard to consumerism. He is conflicted with today’s attitudes and expresses his thoughts in his sculptures. Hear why this conflict exists for him.

May 9 & 11: Feather Money (Tevau)

We will look at a remarkable form of Solomon Island currency made from the feathers of the scarlet honey-eater. It was the basis for a trading network between neighboring islands and was used to settle important obligations.

May 16 & 18: Rockwell: America's Storyteller

Lights, camera, action! We'll take a view from Norman Rockwell's “director's” chair and how he brought our painting of Stagecoach to life for the 1966 remake of the movie.

May 23 & 25: Sandzén’s Rocky Mountains

Let’s travel to Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park with poet-painter Birger Sandzén and experience his Colorado masterpiece Mountain Symphony, an exuberant celebration of visual rhythm, audacious brushstrokes, vibrant reflection, and dazzling color.

May 30 & June 1: Haniwa Horse: Charismatic Clay

Multitudes of “clay circle” figurines populated the earthen tombs of powerful rulers in Prehistoric Japan. Were they meant to adorn or protect? Were they surrogates for the realm of the deceased, links between the seen and unseen? And how does their unique aesthetic endure today in contemporary art?

June 6 & 8: Pawnee & Lakota/Art & Conflict

A Pawnee bear claw necklace and a Lakota headdress speak to complex identities and practices for indigenous peoples and are also visual masterworks. Additionally, they tell the story of conflict between these two nations on the prairie.

June 13 & 15: The Art of Jeffrey Gibson

Experience the art of Jeffrey Gibson as his contemporary art practices converge with his Native American heritage. In Jeffrey’s hands, the familiar, the ordinary, and the unexpected become objects of extraordinary significance.

June 20 & 22: Of Wolves & Women

Join us in exploring some of the layers of myth and meaning in Kiki Smith's two-part sculpture, Genevieve and the May Wolf.

June 27 & 29: Cabinet of Curiosities

Scholars, art lovers and explorers have created cabinets of curiosities since the Renaissance. These cabinets have a long and curious history coupled with a persistent love of the unique and marvelous. Bring your curiosity and be amazed as you explore the DAM’s own unique creation of beauty and wonder.