Occurs every Wednesday and Friday. Next Occurs on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 12:00pm12:30pm.
Hamilton Building - Level 1
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Talk at 12 (Wednesday & Friday)

Join a docent for a 30-minute, in-depth look at an aspect of the museum’s collections or something special happening in the galleries. Included in general admission. Meet in the first level elevator lobby of the Hamilton Building.

Upcoming Topics:

December 13 & 15: Three Early Mayan Pots

In the early half of the Classic Maya era, ceramic vessels feature three-dimensional designs and figures on lids. This set of three was likely found in the tomb of a Maya ruler or noble.

December 20 & 22: Linking Islam with Asia

Discover how Islam spread rapidly through much of Asia by adopting long established artistic and cultural traditions. Explore how it absorbed and combined many different techniques and ideas. Learn to identify this very eclectic and sophisticated vocabulary of non-figural art.

December 27 & 29: Psychedelic Cats

Throughout human history, cats have featured prominently in mythology, religion, and art. On this 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love in San Francisco, we will look at how and why cat imagery was incorporated into the artistry of the psychedelic posters in the 1960s.

January 3 & 5: Bustles & Bows, Paris & Denver

Balzac said that “clothing is the expression of society.” Join us as we discuss the fashion in Denver versus the fashion in Paris, exploring images of some of the fashionable painted ladies of Her Paris alongside 19th-century dresses from the museum's permanent collection.

January 10 & 12: The Virgin of Valvanera

The legend of a statue hidden in an ancient oak tree and 1,500 hours of conservation give us the magnificent painting of The Virgin of Valvanera.

January 17 & 19: Ganesha: The Accessible Deity

Meet Ganesha, Hinduism's most popular and accessible deity, beloved by Buddhists and Jains alike. Learn about his iconography and legends while viewing a rare 5th-century sculpture of the deity and see his many manifestations in scrolls, textiles, and bronzes from the DAM's collection.

January 24 & 26: Wild West & Two Rodeo Champs

An homage to the 2018 National Western Stock Show and Rodeo events bringing man and horse together in a dynamic relationship. Artists Jackson and Coen portray the partnerships that make these events revered by rodeo and horse lovers alike. Dramatically similar, though one a sculpture and one a painting, they’re also uniquely different.

January 31 & February 2: Peaceable Kingdom Conflicts

We will explore the quietly intense drama of Edward Hicks's life and why a Bible passage from Isaiah inspired this artist to paint 62 (surviving) versions of the same subject: a kind of petting zoo cluster of animals around a child in a woodland setting.

February 7 & 9: Chinese Scroll Bearers

We will discuss the ten Asian territories that gave tribute to China in this scroll and the Ming Dynasty artist, Qiu Ying, to whom it is attributed. We’ll also explore the Literati Style he chose most frequently in his work.

February 14 & 16: Painting Petrarch's Poetry

The words of bestselling poet Petrarch’s Triumphs were on the lips of all self-respecting 14th-century Humanist cognoscenti, with images proudly featured in their collections. But “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” And how is LOVE bested by Cicero, unicorns, beheadings, elephants, and missing lions? Come join this poetic procession!

February 21 & 23: Destiny Finds Anne of Austria!

The trips young Anne of Austria took between Spain and Austria were not of her choice. Her father and destiny had control. How did this beautiful portrait of the Queen find its way to the Stampede exhibition, whose focus is on animals?

February 28 & March 2: The Art Path: Hindu/Buddhist

Art and spirituality are entwined in these two religions and we will delve into the art to discover the powerful communication of their spiritual beliefs. Opposites attract and sometimes meet in the middle as we will discover in the artistic expressions of these world religions.