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Included in general admission

Talk at 12 (Wednesday & Friday)

Join a docent for a 30-minute, in-depth look at an aspect of the museum’s collections or something special happening in the galleries. Included in general admission. Meet in the first level elevator lobby of the Hamilton Building.

January 22 & 24: Adrien Voisin: A New Medium

Adrien Voisin came to Browning, Montana, to sculpt citizens of the Blackfeet Nation. He is most commonly known for his sculptures in bronze. In Indian Nativity, 1933, we will look at the details of this bas-relief sculpted in slate.

January 29 & 31: Following Bosch’s Vision

A follower of Bosch depicts an ancient story. One thousand years ago, a young wayward Irish knight was given a lesson in the punishment that awaited him in hell if he didn’t reform. Led by his guardian angel, he experienced the tortures of the damned and, in the end, redemption.

February 5 & 7: A Lesson in British History

Benjamin West’s Harvesting at Windsor is a time capsule of late 18th century life in England. Let’s take a walk through the countryside and look at the traditions and lifestyles of the British people as well as how it relates to Benjamin West’s life.

February 12 & 14: J. Grawunder’s Big Chandelier

Trained as an architect, Johanna Grawunder has created stand-alone light objects and collaborative lighting installations. She was drawn to the medium of light early on and has incorporated architectural principles, non-precious building materials, and high technology into her design of this chandelier.

February 19 & 21: James Luna: The Sacred Colors

James Luna was one of the most important contemporary Native artists of our day. Come and explore his world. He was a genial soul who invested his art with more serious content that is immediately perceived or understood.

February 26 & 28: Mysteries of Shadow Puppets

We will explore the origin and kinds of Indonesian shadow puppets, as well as the materials used and how they are made. We will also discuss some of the stories told, their music. and the characters in these amazing performances which are held at night and can last up to nine hours!

March 4 & 6: Clearing for a Standing Man #4

Christopher Wilmarth worked with steel, glass, and wire to create non-figurative sculptures that imply a human presence and generate personal experiences. The animating factors are light and you, the viewer. We will explore these ideas and the contradictions and mysteries of Clearing for a Standing Man #4.

March 11 & 13: The Family of Street Acrobats

Gustave Doré’s painting retells the true story of a family struck by tragedy. Painted during the period of romanticism, the work evokes many emotional reactions. We will explore the motive behind his painting and examine various interpretations of the artwork hidden beneath the façade of two heartbroken characters.

March 18 & 20: A Colonist at a King’s Court

Benjamin West’s version of Christ’s ascension to the heavens was a project that lingered on his easel for over twenty years. West was commissioned by King George III for this undertaking which required dozens of iterations and in the end, never left his studio,

March 25 & 27: Enlightened Apollo

Who better to welcome us to The Light Show than Apollo, the most radiant of ancient deities? He’s been celebrated through time as the divine purveyor of art, music and truth. Learn about this nearly 2,000-year-old sculpture that has journeyed here from ancient Rome.

April 1 & 3: Pottery of the Southwest

Explore the work of three contemporary American Indian potters. Discover how custom and technique come together to create extraordinary works of art.

April 8 & 10: The Light of Night

Frederic Remington and Winslow Homer chose atmosphere over details in their nocturne paintings. They pared down images and often created a sense of confrontation and menace in their moonlight canvases. We will explore the influences in this modernism of darkness and compare their unique approaches.

April 15 & 17: Cuffs & Farthingales in Berger

Is it possible that if one waits long enough, what was fashionable once become fashionable again? Let’s look closely at what the Tudors and their successors wore and reflect on our not too distant past.

April 22 & 24: Larry Bell’s Standing Wall

We will explore the interaction between light and the reflective surfaces of Larry Bell’s untitled standing wall. He bases this work on the proportions of his body: not wider than his reach, not higher than he can jump or heavier than he can lift with help from one person.

April 29 & May 1: Bis Poles: Bidding Farewell

Ritual surrounds all aspects of the Asmat “bis” poles created from mangrove trees. Explore the complex connections between the materials, symbolism and ceremonies in culture that believes “Man is a tree and a tree is a man.”