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Talk at 12 (Wednesday & Friday)

Join a docent for a 30-minute, in-depth look at an aspect of the museum’s collections or something special happening in the galleries. Included in general admission. Meet in the first level elevator lobby of the Hamilton Building.

July 31 & August 2 A British Medieval Mystery

This medieval painting, The Crucifixion, contains mysteries and contradictions. It is a work of art without a signature or a date and yet we know so much about it. Discover what this 600-year-old painting reveals.

August 7 & 9 Amida’s Western Paradise

The Taima Mandala is a visual depiction of the Amida Buddha’s Western Paradise as well as a distillation of Pure Land Buddhist thought. Our discussion will focus on the iconography and legends relating to this enlightened “realm” of Buddhism so popular in the United States today.

August 14 & 16 Alice Barnham and Her Sons

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Meet Alice Barnham, a successful businesswoman and mother who would be considered so today. She and her husband were a power couple of 16th century London. Her portrait tells a fascinating story.

August 21 & 23 Keith Haring’s Altarpiece

Keith Haring began his career as an artist in the mid-1970s with a focus on making his art accessible to all. This altarpiece, his final endeavor, is a poignant swan song to a body of work that became the visual language of the 20th century.

August 28 & 30 Three Young Girls

This intriguing portrait of three sisters is full of mystery. We don’t know their identity, but we will unravel clues to their lives and unfold part of their secrets.

September 4 & 6: Holbein, Artist for Henry VIII

The DAM’s portrait of 14-month old Edward, Prince of Wales is only one example of Hans Holbein the Younger’s talent. He was an influential portraitist of the 16th century, a designer of opulent clothing and gold jewelry as well as pageants and festivals for Henry VIII’s court.

September 11 & 13: Ghirlandaio, Italian Painter

Enter the world of the Renaissance. Explore the technique, style, materials, and use of light and color found in the works by this Italian master.

September 18 & 20: The Magnificent Chandelier

Fred Wilson is an artist known for reframing historical objects of art that relate to blackness. This chandelier combines black Venetian Murano glass with metal and glass elements from the Muslim tradition.

September 25 & 27: Adams’ Error: Photo Making

“I had clear visualization of the image I wanted but I could not find my Weston exposure meter! The situation was desperate…” Hear the rest of the story behind the making of one of Ansel’s most iconic and well-known single images that caused upset among museums and historians.

October 2 & 4: The Elegance of Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi’s unique blend of abstraction and a Japanese aesthetic gives his work a simple, peaceful elegance. Spanning six decades, Noguchi’s work in sculpture, public art and design gave us many iconic pieces including this paper lamp, a modern design with traditional roots.

October 9 & 11: The Merry Wives of Windsor

John Downman created this painting around 1800 during a campaign to revive interest in Shakespeare. The bard’s popularity had waned in the 200 years since his death but many famous artists of the day painted scenes from his plays such as this one to once again inspire the British public.

October 16 & 18: The Embodiment of Compassion

Compassion is portrayed in Buddhism in innumerable forms. The aspiration to save all sentient beings is the goal of the bodhisattva. Why is this one 11 headed? What did it look like 900 years ago? What was its purpose? Let’s explore the essence of this esoteric sculpture.

October 23 & 25: Marie Watt’s Vivid Butterfly

Marie Watt’s vibrant work is made of reclaimed wool blankets, tin jingles, and stitched by the Denver community. Where did she get her inspiration? It came from the feeling of floating like a butterfly that a young female pow wow dancer experienced in the fast and colorful fancy shawl dance

October 30 & November 1: El Anatsui: Metal & Light

Ghanian artist El Anatsui has been working for over three decades. Part of his practice includes creating art with found objects. This large tapestry is made of discarded liquor bottle caps and wire that interact with light falling on it as we see it.