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North Building - Lower Level DenverCO
Free admission

Citywide Elementary Arts Showcase

The Denver Art Museum believes that art can make a difference in people’s lives by celebrating and stimulating creativity and inspiring a greater understanding and connection with our world. By showcasing the artwork of students, the DAM places value not only on these creative young artists but also the hard work and impact of their dedicated teachers.

The Denver Public Schools Arts and Physical Education Department recognizes its students’ creative and expressive abilities. DPS strives to be inclusive in showcasing its students’ work for the Denver Metro Community. A robust curriculum in visual art includes an understanding of conceptual ideas expressed through visual art skills and techniques. This exhibition highlights a variety of work from almost 50 elementary schools from across the district, and celebrates students’ artistic diversity and achievement.

Entry to the showcase is free; museum admission required to visit other galleries.

For more information, email hholt@denverartmuseum.org or call 720-913-0068.