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  • artist Anna Kaye in front of a painting of a sunset by Winslow Homer

    Drop-in Drawing Program Goes Virtual

    The Denver Art Museum's monthly Drop-in Drawing sessions are going virtual until it's safe for the museum to host these type of classes again. Anna Kaye, artist and instructor, will continue to lead the program.


    This month's session is a video focused on drawing inspiration from a Winslow Homer painting that will be on view in Natural Forces: Winslow Homer and Frederic Remington when the museum is able to reopen.


  • Stereotypes in Remington's Fight for the Waterhole 

    Stereotypes in Remington's Fight for the Waterhole 

    In the year 1903, the East Coast was inundated by people immigrating to the United States in hopes of a brighter future. Euro-Americans, including Frederic Remington, worried about overcrowding and the rapid pace of change. While some looked forward to modernization, others—Remington among them—decried the loss of what had come before. As an antidote, he concocted romanticized notions of wide-open spaces. I say concocted because by this time much of the West had already succumbed to “progress.” Fenced and barb-wired for future prosperity, and readily reachable by train, the West depicted in this image no longer existed at the time Remington made this painting. More

  • Thomas Cole's "Dream of Arcadia"

    Inside the Collection: Dream of Arcadia

    Not content with being, as he said, “a mere leaf painter,” the painter Thomas Cole recognized that unadorned landscape alone was insufficiently worthy as a subject of fine art. Instead, he strove to balance nature with examples of prior landscape paintings by other artists. More

  • Katelyn Odenheimer tying flies for fishing

    How We've Been Staying Inspired

    Like many people, the staff at the Denver Art Museum has been dealing with how to stay inspired and creative while quarantined. Here are some of the ways 20 of our team members have kept themselves occupied and energized at home these past few weeks. More

  • Keith Haring, Altarpiece

    Inside the Collection: Altarpiece

    Altarpiece, gifted to the Denver Art Museum by Yoko Ono, is considered Keith Haring’s final work, executed weeks before the artist died of AIDS on February 16, 1990. It serves as a testament to the power of creativity and the artist’s willingness to share his vision even as he was mortally ill. More

  • Dia del Nino performers at the DAM in April 2019.

    A Guide to Día del Niño 2020

    Día del Niño (Children’s Day) celebrates the important role of children in society. The United Nations recognizes the importance of creating awareness for the protection of children’s rights and, to that end, holds a day for adults to recognize their role in the protection of this right of children to enjoy a healthy and peaceful life. Most countries around the world have a day in which adults show their love, appreciation, and recognition of children in a national celebration that takes place in homes and schools, but also at community gatherings. More

  • photo of artist Jessica Loving

    Paint Studio Demo Artist Jessica Loving

    Jessica Loving grew up in the once sleepy mountain town of Conifer, Colorado. She spent much of her childhood being fortunate enough to experience extensive international travel with her family. This gift of ultimately, wanderlust, thoroughly enriched her being. Before the age of 20, she had already visited over 30 countries and seven continents.


  • four paintings on easels in the Paint Studio at the Denver Art Museum

    Paint Studio Demo Artist Emeka Dragonfly

    Emeka Dragonfly will be in the Paint Studio demonstrating energistic light and color painting noon–3 pm on February 22-23 & February 29-March 1, 2020. The Paint Studio is included with general admission, which is free for members and youth 18 and under.


  • still of video of ballet performance at the January Untitled

    Don't Miss the Next Untitled: Creative Fusion

    April 24, 2020

    The Denver Art Museum hosts Untitled: Creative Fusions four times a year. In January, we collaborated with Eileen Roscina and Joshua Ware and many other local creatives for a night of performances, fun activities, and tours that explored the space between the manmade and the natural.

    If you missed the January Untitled: Creative Fusion, check out this video to see a recap of the night, and make sure to mark your calendar for the next Untitled: Creative Fusion on April 24.


  • 3 wine glasses and corks from wine bottles

    Paint Studio Demo Artist Lisa Garrison

    Lisa Garrison will be in the Paint Studio demonstrating painting light with watercolor noon–3 pm on February 15-16, 2020. The Paint Studio is included with general admission, which is free for members and youth 18 and under.


  • painting of a stag in snow-covered pines and aspens

    Paint Studio Demo Artist Beatriz Gomez

    Beatriz Gomez will be in the Paint Studio demonstrating Colorado forest oil painting noon–3 pm on February 1-2, 2020. The Paint Studio is included with general admission, which is free for members and youth 18 and under.


  • A woman with a baby on her back in the Shantell Martin exhibition

    Celebrate Love & Creativity With Your Family

    We invite you and your family to fall in love with art and creativity this February at the Denver Art Museum. Make shadow puppets, write love letters, explore the galleries, and more. General admission (which includes all of the following) is free for youth 18 and younger every day.

    Summer Loving More

  • colorful geometric painting by Andrew Huffman

    Paint Studio Demo Artist Andrew Huffman

    Andrew Huffman will be in the Paint Studio demonstrating modulated: hard-line abstraction noon–3 pm on January 18-19, 2020. The Paint Studio is included with general admission, which is free for members and youth 18 and under. More

  • colorful letters that say 2020 is gonna be big

    20 Things We’re Excited About in 2020

    1. Final Weeks for Monet (Through February 2)

    The new year begins with visitors’ last chance to see Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature. After that, it travels to the only other venue for this exhibition: Museum Barberini in Potsdam, Germany. Advance purchase online is highly recommended as time slots are selling out quickly. More

  • Sierra Montoya Barela in front of one of her artworks

    Paint Studio Demo Artist Sierra Montoya Barela

    Sierra Montoya Barela will be in the Paint Studio demonstrating still lifes and self-portraits noon–3 pm on December 28-29, 2019, and January 4-5, 2020. The Paint Studio is included with general admission, which is free for members and youth 18 and under. More

  • Still image from video of Brady Smith speaking in the Paint Studio

    How to Be More Creative

    We asked three Denver-based artists their advice for how people can be more creative. Check out their tips and then visit the Paint Studio (open seven days a week) to experiment with paint or see a weekend artist demonstration. More