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Which New Denver Art Museum Catalog is Right for You?

This fall, the Denver Art Museum provides visitors the chance to continue exploring exhibitions with four new catalogs: Super Indian: Fritz Scholder, 1967-1980; Revolt 1680/2180: Virgil Ortiz; Wyeth: Andrew and Jamie in the Studio; and A Place in the Sun: The Southwest Paintings of Walter Ufer and E. Martin Hennings.

With the ability to observe an entire collection of art within the pages of a single book, each catalog is bound to inspire reflection and discovery of connections previously unseen when walking through an exhibition. Can't decide which catalog to choose? Take our quick quiz below to find the perfect fit for you (these are by no means scientific).

Simply answer the following five questions and find out which new DAM catalog matches your style. Let’s begin!

1. Which color combination most appeals to you?

a. Navy and gold

b. Red and black

c. Blue and green

d. Hot pink and lime

2. Which element do you most connect with?

a. Water

b. Earth

c. Air

d. Fire

3. Where in the world would you most want to be right now?

a. Maine

b. The future

c. New Mexico

d. California

4. What is your music of choice?

a. Mozart

b. Deep house

c. Early jazz

d. The Doors

5. What is your favorite literary genre?

a. Poetry

b. Science fiction

c. Historical fiction

d. Non-fiction

Answered A

If you mostly answered A, then you would greatly appreciate the DAM’s catalog on Andrew and Jamie Wyeth. This publication explores father and son as artists, with an unusual first-person narrative by DAM curator Timothy J. Standring. With over 200 color illustrations showing works in a variety of media, this handsome book situates each artist in the context of their shared biographies, place, and artistic practices. “This exceptionally beautiful book just asks to be put on your lap, opened up, and indulged in,” said Laura Caruso, director of publications at the DAM. “Here you have the rare opportunity to sit and savor the delightfully unexpected juxtapositions of paintings by Andrew and Jamie, reveling in the overlap and contrasts that exist between the artists.”

Answered B

If you found yourself choosing B most of the time, then Revolt 1680/2180: Virgil Ortiz is the catalog for you. An internationally renowned ceramicist, fashion designer, and graphic artist from Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico, Virgil Ortiz uses contemporary art to blend historic events with futuristic elements. Although small in size, this book immerses you in the complex and creative world of Ortiz with stunning reproductions of each of the artistic objects in the exhibition. Amidst images of Ortiz’s ceramics, photographs, and graphic art, information on the Pueblo Revolt story and the artist's creative process is included. For the first time, the totality of Ortiz’s creative talents and work is brought together into one gorgeously illustrated book.

Answered C

If you consistently answered C, then we recommend A Place in the Sun: The Southwest Paintings of Walter Ufer and E. Martin Hennings for your enjoyment. Walter Ufer and E. Martin Hennings are mostly known only to audiences well versed in western American art; however, this catalog aims to break new ground in the literature and give the artists a place in the sun once again. In this catalog, you can look forward to an examination of how these artists adapted the principles of their academic training in Munich, Germany, to the subjects of the American Southwest in hope of creating a distinctive American art. Full of light and color, this book expresses a deep appreciation for the Southwest and two artists who are long overdue in being recognized for their lives, achievements, and artistic legacy.

Answered D

If D was your stand-strong answer, then Super Indian: Fritz Scholder, 1967-1980 is the book that needs to be in your hands. This publication focuses on an iconic body of Scholder's work from 1967 to 1980, known as the Indian series. This book explores Fritz Scholder’s at times controversial depictions of contemporary Native Americans including rarely seen monumental canvases and lithographs that situate Scholder as a figurative artist and highlight his brilliant use of color. Essays from noted scholars discuss Scholder’s influences and artistic process, including shorter pieces by artists and former students, thus offering a colorful array of perspectives on this prolific artist. Laura Caruso, director of publications, declares, “If you see this show, you’re going to want the book to remember and keep the experience going.”

Mix of Answers

If there was no consistent pattern to your answers, then any of the four catalogs (or all four!) would be a wonderful addition to your collection at home.

These catalogs are available for purchase this fall at The Shop and online.

Super Indian: Fritz Scholder, 1967-1980, is on view through January 17.

Revolt 1680/2180: Virgil Ortiz is on view through May 1.

Wyeth: Andrew and Jamie in the Studio is on view November 8-February 6.

A Place in the Sun: The Southwest Paintings of Walter Ufer and E. Martin Hennings is on view December 13-April 24.

Desa Beslic is a fall 2015 content writing intern in the marketing department at the Denver Art Museum. Her favorite thing at the museum is anything to do with photography. She recommends seeing Kenneth Josephson: Encounters with the Universe.

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