Student artwork

View Student Artwork in the Mañanitas Showcase

When entering the lower level of the North Building here at the Denver Art Museum, you might encounter some creatures (both real and imagined) you weren’t expecting to meet. Sketches of imaginary creatures, sculptures of creative beings, drawings of owls, and more fill the space with color and originality.

The Mañanitas Showcase celebrates the art created by students of varying ages from Cheltenham Elementary, Hanson Elementary, Oakland Elementary, and Park Lane Elementary.

All four elementary schools this year will participate in the on-site program called Mañanitas. On their visit to the museum, they engage with the collection, create art to take home, and see a performance. Then, we display their work in an annual showcase. The range of creativity and imagination that fills the space is impressive to see.

One group of works I found myself drawn to were the creations made by students at Hanson Elementary (examples pictured above). The students created imagined locations such as islands and houses. These artworks, created from a variety of materials, are colorful and unique.

owls by students at Cheltenham elementary
Owls by students at Cheltenham Elementary

Even when students all have the same basic assignment, such as drawing an owl, variety and inventiveness still appear. Students at Cheltenham Elementary all created artworks of owls, but each is unique. Colors, sizes, and backgrounds: they’re all different, letting the personalities and creativity of students shine through.

4 artworks by students at Oakland elementary displayed on a wall

Other artworks in the space cover a range of subjects and mediums. The students from Oakland Elementary show an array of artworks from topics such as sunsets to worry dolls. From drawings to dolls, the art created by these students shows the ingenuity of the minds of children and dedication of their teachers.

2 drawings of imaginary creatures by students from Park Lane elementary
Imaginary creatures by students from Park Lane Elementary

The showcase runs from November 17–January 3 so stop by to see all these amazing creations. The open house will be on December 3 (Free First Saturday) from 2–4 pm. Entry to the showcase is free; admission to the rest of the museum requires a ticket.

Kathleen Eaton is an intern with teacher and school outreach programs in the department of learning and engagement. Her favorite artist is Roy Lichtenstein, perhaps due to her obsession with comic books. Born and raised in Colorado, Kathleen cannot imagine living anywhere without mountains and loves the view from level seven of the North Building.