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Unique Holiday Gifts for Women, Men & Kids

Looking for last-minute holiday gifts? The Denver Art Museum has you covered. Following are some suggestions for everyone on your list:

Something for the Whole Family

These unique works make great home accents. With different styles and sizes, they fit anywhere in the house, and make great gifts! Bring a pop of color with the Diamond Star Glass pieces, stay organized with the Weekly Whitey Board or enjoy some flowing art with the Horizon Sandpictures.

  • Horizon Sandpictures ($25-$1,500)
  • Diamond Star Glass ($50-$200)
  • Bridge for Africa telephone wire baskets ($20-$150)
  • Weekly Whitey Board ($12)
  • Tweet Tweet Home Recyclable Plastic Flatpacked Classic Bird House ($15)
  • Various kitchen items (prices vary)

For the Kids

Give the kids an outlet for their creativity with something from the DAM's selection! From books you can pack up and carry with you wherever you go to fun activities, The Shop at the DAM has them all.

  • 32-Page Activity Book, 32 Ways to Dress a: Pig, Bear, Bunny, Dog, Cat, Fox ($6)
  • Art Cards: 6 per pack ($12.95)
  • Various art books (prices vary)
  • A variety of activity kits (prices vary)

For Her

Whether she's a sparkly girl or not, there's something for her at The Shop at the DAM. From eco-friendly pieces to gemstones and printed shirts to beaded belts, shower her with jewelry and clothing from the museum's unique selection.

  • Pinkhouse Beaded Toggle Necklace ($20)
  • Artist Silk Scarves ($60)
  • Tammy Child Silk Scarves ($70-$160)
  • Pinkhouse Beaded Belts ($25)
  • Batucada Eco Friendly Jewelry ($45)
  • Elk Wooden Jewelry ($20-$45)
  • Leaky Collection Jewelry ($10-$35)
  • Fun clothing by Teresa Maria Widuch ($450-$600)

For Him

Find the best of all worlds for the man in your life! From bags to gadgets, you can find something he'll like.

  • Madstyle Men’s Bags ($45)
  • Madstyle Men’s Scarves ($20)
  • Madstyle Men’s gloves ($20)
  • Men’s Watches ($25)
  • Men’s ties ($12.50-$50)

For Artistic Friends & Relatives

Are your loved ones craving more art in their lives? Find books on dozens of artists and more.

  • Artist Tote Bag ($35)
  • A variety of books, prices range from ($5-$100/$200)
  • Zen Stone Garden Graphite Drawing Instruments ($16.95)
  • Art puzzles (prices vary)
  • Art printed journals and calendars (prices vary)

Fun Knickknacks

Find these perfect knickknacks for gifts, or grab a few of them for yourself!

  • Nose-Shaped eyeglass holder ($15)
  • Myvaz Expandable vases ($9)
  • Bobino Cord Wraps ($3.50-$5.50)
  • Playing cards ($10-$20)
  • Fun Mugs ($8-$20)
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carve a stamp kit
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drawing tools
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beaded jewelry
beaded belts
art print bags
glass vases
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expandable vases
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playing cards
men's watches
wire bowls

Meera Alul is the content marketing intern in the communications department at the Denver Art Museum in fall 2014. Her favorite exhibition that has been on view here is Becoming Van Gogh.

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