Tapestry Video 1: Clues about the Creation & Use

Tapestry Video 1: Clues about the Creation & Use

In preparation for Creative Crossroads: The Art of Tapestry, (now closed) the Denver Art Museum’s staff have been working on a Spanish Colonial table cover in PreVIEW (a behind-the-scenes visible staging area in our textile art gallery).

Curators have examined it and explored its history, and textile art conservators have been testing and repairing the tapestry. In this video, curators Alice Zrebiec and Donna Pierce discuss the Incan and European influences in the weaving and why they believe it was primarily used as a table cover.

PreVIEW is funded with generous support from the William H. Donner Foundation. Conservation of textile art at the Denver Art Museum is generously supported through a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Image credit: Table Cover, Peru, mid 1700s. Wool and camelid fiber. Neusteter Textile Collection: Neusteter Institute Fund, 1970.347

Stefania Van Dyke is a senior interpretive specialist. Her favorite Monet factoid is that, in their youth, he and Renoir apparently spent an entire year surviving on potatoes.