Take a Video Tour of Brilliant

Take a Video Tour of Brilliant

Join Christoph Heinrich, Frederick and Jan Mayer Director of the Denver Art Museum, and Pierre Rainero, Image, Style and Heritage Director of Cartier, on a video tour through Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century. Journey through important moments in history with some of most beautiful and brilliant objects in the world.

Brilliant is on view in Denver only and has been called one of the world's must-see art shows. Buy your tickets today.

Image credit: Crocodile necklace: Crocodile necklace made as a special order for María Félix. Cartier Paris, special order, 1975. Gold, diamonds, emeralds, rubies; Length 30 cm. and 27.3 cm. Cartier Collection. Photo: Vincent Wulveryck, Cartier Collection © Cartier.

Carleen Brice is content manager in the marketing department at the Denver Art Museum. Carleen has been at the DAM since 2013. Her favorite painting in Jordan Casteel: Returning the Gaze is called Lean.

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