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Tableau Closing Soon

Become a Part of the Scene through Aug. 20, 2017

Have you sat on a moon held aloft by a loon? Hopped in a little boat and peeked through a window in the belly of a whale? Taken a swing supported by the neck of a crane?

You still have the chance! Visit the immersive installation Tableau, located on level 2 of the Hamilton Building at the Denver Art Museum. It will be on view through Sunday, August 20 at 5 pm.


Denver artist Hadley Hooper's goal was to create a whimsical, interactive space where visitors are inspired to take pictures of friends and family. (Tag your photo with #TableauDAM on social media!)

I want it to be a black and white dream that feels full, and lush, and inviting.

– Hadley Hooper

To achieve this fantastical environment, she drew upon her experiences working on theater sets, in an animation studio, as a scenic painter, and as an editorial and children's book illustrator.

"I want to leave [the meaning] open to people so they can tell their own stories...There are birds coming out of the whale—are they escaping, or were they born there? Is that where birds come from? The moon is held aloft by a bird—or is the bird stealing the moon, or caught by the moon? There are a lot of different interpretations," said Hooper.


In order to direct your focus to the patterns in the installation, Hooper limited the color palette to black and white with some washes of blueish-toned Paynes Gray paint. She used printmaking techniques to cut, ink, burnish, and hand print hundreds upon hundreds of elements. These prints were then digitally scanned at a high resolution, assembeled, and printed as large-format reversible wallpaper in color to retain a soft, lower contrast effect. You can see the hand-built quality of each print, which was adhered with wheat paste on to the walls and wooden structures in the space.


Hooper took art classes at the Denver Art Museum as a child.

The installation concept started with the whale. The whale is about 10 feet by 14 feet long, and is exhaling flowers and birds from its blowhole.

The artist is a gardener and is interested in creation myths.

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