Kendo martial artists with bamboo sticks

Swords & Samurai at Untitled: Risky Business

At Untitled Final Friday this month we're thinking about dicey situations and dangerous occupations in honor of Samurai: Armor from the Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Collection. The scoop on all the risky business is below:

Win Tickets: Go on a jewel heist with Denver Public Library and you might even win two tickets to Samurai.

Ronin & the Art of Motorcycles: Dive into the legend of the 47 Ronin with Denver’s own Ronin Motorworks, who have created a series of stunning bikes inspired by the 47 Ronin. You're not going to believe these machines!

Kendo & Iaido Demos: We're so excited to have Mushinkan Dojo and friends in the house for a thrilling demonstration of kendo fighting and iaido sword work. Get ready for some real samurai action!

Donate Hair for a Global 'Thinking Pod': Swap swords for scissors in a collaborative project with upcoming creative-in-residence Viviane Le Courtois. We’re looking for brave visitors willing to cut off some hair—six inches or longer, to be woven into an upcoming installation. If that’s too scary, we’re also looking for string and yarn.

Feed the Animal: Our current creative-in-residence, Mar Williams will be in the house, unveiling a new hackerspace installation which explores the intersection of art, technology, and a whole lot of Astroturf. Come see what’s happening and learn what it means to “Feed the Animal.”

Personal Space & Protection: In a world of modern dangers, sometimes you need a little extra protection, and sometime you just need a little space! Artist Jesse Mathes shares her Personal Space series with a suit of armor inspired by Samurai. Fit for a lady, this piece keeps a pregnant belly safe from unwanted hands, while celebrating the beauty of the human form.

Get the Scoop on Cliff Diving: Speaking of suiting might need your swim trunks and gorilla feet for this next talk. The spectacular stuntmen at Casa Bonita are here to give you the inside scoop on cliff diving in the Rockies.

From Risky to Risqué: We’re pushing the boundaries this month and getting a little…risqué. Turn on the Red Light and keep the kiddos at home for some provocative additions from Warm Cookies of the Revolution and Stories on Stage.

Risky Business: A day at work is more likely to include a papercut than a swordfight these days. But what are the risks and rewards for our local businessmen and women? The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce is here to talk shop and keep us out of harm’s way.

See Samurai: Untitled is included with general admission, free for members. Samurai requires a special exhibition ticket, but it’s open late on Fridays so why not see it while you’re at the museum for Untitled? Your Samurai ticket will include Untitled activities.

Lauren Hegge is the former adult programs coordinator in the department of learning and engagement at the Denver Art Museum.

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