three photos from left: a boy with an artwork in the studio, three girls in the What is Utopia exhibition, a woman in a wheel chair looking at an activity with another woman

Support Access to the Arts for All on Colorado Gives Day

The Denver Art Museum believes that we are a reflection of our community and strives to ensure that our creative and engaging programs are accessible for all. To fulfill our mission, we offer a variety of ways people can enjoy access to the museum’s activities, exhibitions, and collections, including the following:

1. The Denver Art Museum is Free for Kids! We also offer free admission for chaperones of Title I schools and bus subsidies for field trips.

A woman and a boy standing in front of The Light Show exhibition. The words The Light show on the wall behind them
Visitors at The Light Show exhibition. Photo courtesy Instagram user @smriofta89.

2. Low-Sensory Mornings are offered for our neuro-diverse visitors who may require or prefer a quieter experience at the museum.

3. Art & About provides engaging and fun exhibition experiences for our community members who are experiencing early stage Alzheimer’s or dementia, along with their caretakers.

4. Visitors who carry a SNAP debit card may take advantage of our $1 SNAP discount to enjoy our exhibitions and visitor activities.

5. Visitors who are fluent in Spanish can fully enjoy our exhibitions with our bilingual descriptive labels and can enjoy tours with our Spanish-speaking docents. Docents also communicate with those who speak other languages, including ASL, upon request.

Take one and make a connection cards
Connection cards that visitors enjoyed in Jordan Casteel: Returning the Gaze, which was on view February 2–August 18, 2019.

Anyone can provide support to our endeavors, and Colorado Gives Day is a wonderful time to contribute! Schedule your donation for December 10, 2019.

Furthermore, the museum supplies visitor-learning experiences, including tactile and multisensory, throughout exhibitions and galleries that provide in-depth education for all visitors. Each of the museum’s curators works in partnership with interpretive specialists, who design experiences to promote a deeper creative connection. You may have enjoyed some of these recent experiences such as the family audio tour told from the perspective of a waterlily in Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature, used and taken home the prompt cards in Jordan Casteel: Returning the Gaze, or designed your own midcentury room in Serious Play: Design in Midcentury America.

A woman and a child in the Paint Studio. the child is painting at an easel
Visitors in the Paint Studio. Photo courtesy of Instagram user @theryannegley

Continuous donation helps us provide more programming and accessibility to all who visit the museum. We are so grateful to our supporters and visitors. Thank you for your generosity!

First two photos at top courtesy of Instagram users: and @kelslouthoart. Last photo of Art and About Tour © Denver Art Museum.

Lillian Gallmeister is an intern in the development department at the Denver Art Museum.