Young Fan Waves Goodbye to Nick Cave: Sojourn

Young Fan Waves Goodbye to Nick Cave: Sojourn

Perhaps no one will miss Nick Cave: Sojourn as much as five-year-old Pascal Spangenberg. On September 22, the final day of the exhibition; Pascal and his mother Tara were the last visitors in the gallery. As they were leaving, Tara reminded Pascal that this was their last visit. Pascal, though sad, remained positive and said, “there’s still one Soundsuit left- it’s me!”

Over the past few months, I’ve had the privilege to write about Pascal’s exciting journey. I’ve loved seeing him interact with Nick Cave, dance around the gallery in his own Soundsuit, and celebrate his birthday with a Soundsuit-inspired party. I was incredibly touched by the letter he sent us. I would love to share it with you.

Dear Denver Art Museum,

I feel sad that the Soundsuits are leaving. I like that they dance around. My favorite one is the one with the stop sign. I'm really curious how the tall one can see. I'm wondering how you made the sheds for the little dogs and one monkey. I love you Soundsuits. I hope you come back sometime if you will. And I know you're going somewhere and I'm coming on the airplane so I can see you with my friends and then you can meet my friends. And your Soundsuits are really great. I just love how your art is.


If, like Pascal, you are missing the Soundsuits now that Nick Cave: Sojourn has closed; head down to Pablo’s coffee shop on 6th and Washington. I hear there is an up-and-coming five-year-old showcasing some of his art there.

You can also still decorate pretend Soundsuits in Nick Cave: Second Skin, purchase Nick Cave merchandise in our museum shop, and watch videos from the exhibition and the HEARD• DAM performance.

Pascal dancing in his very own homemade Soundsuit

Pascal enjoying the HEARD•DAM performance

Pascal and his mom, Tara

Hope Grandon is the communication and media relations coordinator at the Denver Art Museum. A Chicago transplant, Hope has been at the DAM since 2012. Her favorite exhibition to date was Becoming Van Gogh. In fact, she kicked off her 23rd birthday working in the Becoming Van Gogh galleries at 3 am during extended hours for the exhibition’s final weekend.

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