Video Wrap-Up From Untitled #43 (Made in China)

Video Wrap-Up From Untitled #43 (Made in China)

Untitled is one of those programs at the Denver Art Museum where you really have to be there to experience the magic.

There is something special about the moment the doors to the freight elevator open each month and Buntport Theater's Joan and Charlie step out and announce, "Part One", that can't easily be explained in a photo. Or when you walk into a gallery to find a musician bringing the artwork to life with a song. Every Untitled has an unique theme, celebrating traveling exhibitions and works in the DAM collection - and as a result, every final Friday Untitled event is vastly different as well.

We figured it was time to help share the magic of Untitled in video. Get ready for the razzle dazzle. Here is video from Untitled #43 (Made in China) on January 27, our kickoff for the 2012 season.

Jaime Kopke is the adult and college program manager in the department of learning and engagement at the Denver Art Museum. She has been with the DAM since 2011 and is always scouting for community creatives to collaborate with. Send her an email.

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