Untitled #46 (Cipher) Case Closed

Untitled #46 (Cipher) Case Closed

Symbolism, signs, and secret messages. Everything had a hidden meaning at this Untitled #46 (Cipher). Here is a round-up of the night's events April 27.

I have to say, one of the best activities of the night was the scavenger hunt. Visitors were asked to track down a very secret special guest, Kagen Schaefer, our MakeARTtalk creative. As people entered the atrium, they had to solve the puzzles and match the patterns found both in Kagen’s work and in the DAM collections.

Stops included the Northwest Coast, Mesoamerican and Asian art galleries. After criss-crossing the museum, facing obstacles like binocular look-outs and scrabble scrambles, only the best sleuths found their way up to the 5th floor in Ponti and had their minds blown by the master of all puzzle box makers— Kagen Schaefer and his Lotus table. If you missed it, it’s definitely worth a Google. The first few teams to collect the three patterns from each stop also were rewarded with a take home prize, which unfortunately was not the Lotus table.

Another rockin’ activity was taking place clear at the opposite end of the museum in the Hub. There, Denver Public Library’s Fresh City Life had an interactive ode to the DAM’s current exhibition, Read My Pins: The Madeleine Albright Collection. Madeline Albright used her stupendous pin collection to slyly reveal her moods, hopes, and desires while meeting with international political players as Secretary of State. Visitors were asked to do a little self-analysis and choose an image that best fit their mood from a table piled high with celebrities, dancers and artists. With the assistance of Fresh City Life’s wonderful staff and some very cryptic apparatuses, visitors turned their images into their own Albrightian ensembles. These pins, however, were not merely pieces of jewelry; they also triggered random happenings throughout the night, including spontaneous opera arias.

Untitled #46 (Cipher) turned the DAM into a maze riddled with new ways to look at art and life. In the European art collection our favorite art enchantress, Giulia Bernardini, revealed the meaning behind symbols in art. Did you know that a dog means fidelity? Local bands School Knights and Sauna provided a well-deserved respite for weary travelers in Duncan Pavilion and you couldn’t turn a corner without running into a surprise performance by Central City Opera. Untitled case #46 is closed, but if you missed out, fear not, we will be back again next month at Untitled #47 (LOL). It’s going to be funny.

Rebecca Winterfield is an intern in the education department at the Denver Art Museum. Rebecca has been at the DAM since 2012 and her favorite artwork that has been on view here is Summer by Giuseppe Archimboldo.

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